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[postlink][/postlink] The official movie trailer of Star Cinema's horror movie "Cinco" this 2010 has been out on Youtube already.It first debuted on E-live as Mariel Rodriguez introduced Cinco where she takes a starrer role on one episode.Watch Cinco Movie Online and catch it on theaters this July 14, 2010.

An exciting horror movie trailer was released by Star Cinema on the Philippine Television for their upcoming movie Cinco.The movie features five bloodcurdling episodes.Each episode delineate five deadly sins.The movie is basically about "karma" and thus proves that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.This applies on having sinned to others, and sooner or later all of us are going to pay for the bad things we have done.

UNO - The first episode was entitled "Braso" - This is topbilled by three of the giggerboy group namely, Sam Concepcion, AJ Perez and Robi Domingo.Stripped down on their underwear like faggots, the three boys are into a fear-factor scenario.All locked up inside a place that seemed like morgue, the three are going to face the dead just to make it inside a fraternity headed by (Baron Geisler).A night with cadavers is going to be dreadful and boring but since somebody has PLAYED WITH THE DEAD- will they make it till morning? -Directed by Frasco Mortiz.

DOS - Directed by Enrico Santos, the second episode is entitled "Paa" this is topbilled by Jodi Sta. Maria-Lacson.Just ponder on this phrase "It is a sin to claim something not yours" or better yet just watch the trailer.

TRES -The episode is entitled "Puso" and is a twisted romance film and stars Pokwang, Zanjoe Marudo, Bangs Garcia and Malou de Guzman.This is about "lust" & "obsession".Too much love will kill you! Since pokwang is there, I would expect to get some humorous atmosphere around this episode.A must-see for Cathy Garcia-Molina helmed this episode.

Kwatro: Mata - After witnessing a killing,eyewitness Maja Salvador is compelled not to say anything what her eyes had seen on the crime scene where both of her and Rayver was while Rayver Cruz keeps an eye on her.Directed by Ato Bautista.

Cinco - Mukha: The most intriguing episode since this is the first time where Mariel Rodriguez has gotten too serious.Here, she will portray a sadistic super bitchy advertising executive who seems to not care about others welfare.

So there are the five episodes of Cinco! a must-see thriller from none other than Star Cinema.Limang Director! Limang kasalanan! Limang kabayaran! Limang kaabang-abang na serye sa isang natatanging pelikula.Watch the movie, on July 14, 2010.Don't dare miss it!


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