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Pinoy Sex Scandal is one of Google.com.ph most coveted keywords which is about filipino's having intimate and obscene videos.I'm not shocked that it has something to do with pornography.Our supposed to be conservative females with the Maria Clara turned into instant online bitches because of some technological advancement.Which is an archive of pinay sex scandals,pinoy sex scandals,pinoy movie scandal,pinoy kantutan and the like.More and more youths are getting into these kind of stuff nowadays and yet only few have overcome it's disadvantages.

The videos of Free Pinoy Sex Scandals which has been leaking on the net has already ruined lives,families,careers,jobs and of course the reputation of our dear country.

Why are we making a big deal on watching these pinoy sex scandals?

I have doubts if Philippines is really ridden along with those countries who are sexually aroused all the time.I mean,Is it really us, Filipinos who do the searching about sex scandals ?What for? just up for fun or it's just out of curiosity?.I strongly believe Philippines still has that 60%-70% Filipina who still upholds the Maria Clara custom which is being conservative and with that, I think we are no sex scandal capital country.

The media is just one among those factors of why people had been searching for these pinoy sex scandal videos on the net.Just like for example the katrina halili and hayden kho video scandal.It was like a month or so that I have been hearing those lousy issues on the tv.And so, people inclined to google it.

Another factor is chatting.While posting this would you believe me the one beside me is already 63 years of age?Yes a granny who's wearing a sexy spaghetti with all the crappy crystal necklaces wrapped on her neck.She doesn't look rich, in fact she looks so odd and geeky.WTF,so creepy!Hey,where am I. . So there is this granny,and what the hell is she doing in the internet shop? Blogging? of course not.Playing online games? I hope she would.I guess she just wanted to to expose her baggy and wrinkly boobies in front of the cameras.She's chatting somebody. . a hoodlumy-looking Indian,an Australian pervert and an American who seemed to be like her grandchild.The primary reason why she chats is that because of money -she admitted she's a cyber prostitute.Personally i don't think it looks very odd to see a granny facing the net or was it her boobies being watched by horny morons out there -what's odd is that she should put on her dentures first.

So if you happen to get into this blog with the keyword Pinoy Sex Scandal, then Eureka for me!But don't hate me for this because Pinoymoviexpress will not only cover pinoy sex scandals but something related to it.Be sure to explore this blog and have fun watching pinoy sex scandal.


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The internet is full of leaked videos online.That's why if we chance upon a full-length tagalog film, we will eventually post it here.And when we post it here it, you couldn't just word it as "STEALING".Why? Because you said that it's "FREE TAGALOG MOVIES, FREE PINOY MOVIES AND FREE PINOY LIVE MOVIES".Then if our theories are correct, you are responsible for the leakage of these videos.Thus, you take note of the DCMA thingamabobs and not us.

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The Philippine movie industry has a large collection of filipino bold movies.Though Filipino's were once labeled to as conservatives the growth of filipino bold movies containing obscene and erotic content was out of control.Ages ago, actors/actresses who engage in this kind of art, if you call it,became the center of all controversies and had a meteoric rise on stardom and popularity.

So before, if you wanted to be a popular starling you must really consider doing a bold movie one of the easiest way to gain stardom instantly.A remarkable filipino bold movie years ago was that of the movie entitled "Scorpio Nights".I haven't seen it but I bet it was.Another is that of Joyce Jimenez and Ara Mina's.IDK.Priscilla Almeda, Ina Raymundo & Rosanna Roces had their bold movies the way porn stars does it.But in the year of liberalization where MTRCB ruled the media industry things have changed.MTRCB staffs are very censorious that they can totally ban or reject a film which contains too much violence,eroticism and etc.

But did they?I have doubts.Nowadays Philippines does not only offer Filipino Bold Movies but also Filipino Gay Bold Movies -Indie movies.Things got worse in the eye who has a dull sense of art.Well, I am ridden along with those who has a dull sense of art then I shall ask you what immorality means?But for those lusty moviegoers things were even better.

I have nothing much to say about Filipino Bold Movies but allow me to end this post by saying "Filipino Bold Movies are movies we can also be proud of,as far as art is concerned and as far as there is no abuse made -we can do nothing but enjoy the movie itself".


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