[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/09/mesothelioma-video-symptoms-diagnosis.html[/postlink] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLW08jEGqWwendofvid [starttext]
About a year ago we have published this write up about Mesothelioma.So if you want to know about the matter, you can watch the video above to know the Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment of Mesothelioma!

You might be wondering why we posted this as an update instead of providing you a movie.Since we got disabled by google adsense, we are not going to gain anything by posting such.So therefore, we are doing this to dessiminate the information about the rare type of cancer.As simple as this, in a way, is our CAUSE! If you want to know about more Mesothelioma, jump on the link below.


Above is a video from Youtube channel of mesotheliomamedical.Where Doctor Robert case explains about Mesothelioma!!!

Mesothelioma Video - Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment of Mesothelioma!

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/09/watch-i-do-movie-official-teaser-online.html[/postlink] Catch the grand online premiere of "I Do" movie by Star Cinema.Watch I Do Movie Online.I Do movie officially and cordially invites you on the wackiest wedding of the year!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apY9YvZcG8Iendofvid [starttext]
Erich and Enchong's first movie team up,"I Do" , is just going to be the best romantic comedy movie of 2010.With a wacky twist delightfully touched with thought provoking obstacles this romcom is surely going to be another Star Cinema hit.Unlike most romantic comedy, a new taste of cinematic experience will be brought to us since a director with fresh wonderful insights helmed the film "I do movie".

With the innocence of Erich's character, Mayumi Punongbayan and how practically disturbed Lance Tan is about tyeing the knot.And all of which indicated every characters contrasting backgrounds.Will they be able to say I do till the end?

I Do showing in Philippine theaters on September 29, 2010!!!


Watch "I DO" Movie Official Teaser Online

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/09/maleficent-movie-in-works.html[/postlink] [starttext]

Ranking number 1 in Disney's Ultimate top 30 Villains, Maleficent is often viewed as the most powerful and sinister of the Disney Villains.And with that fact and more, it is also reported that Tim Burton next project would be the Maleficent Movie!

Maleficent Movie (read on)!


Maleficent Movie in the works!

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/09/watch-cinco-movie-online-in-high.html[/postlink] endofvid [starttext]

Hi, There first of all we would like to tell you that Pinoymoviexpress.net is going to redirect you to another movie channel blog that will cater only the best pinoy movies online! Unlike our website this new website will only feature working pinoy movie videos and all of which will come in High Quality.

Cinco as you may know it is a blood curdling movie with a comedic twist from one of the five episodes so better watch not at Pinoymoviexpress.net but right on


Yes, it's a blogspot and is going to be our new blog project for some reasons.All the new tagalog movies that will come out here will now be shown only at Watch Pinoy Movie Online. Please take note that It's Watch Pinoy  "Movie" Online (dot) blogspot (dot) come and the "Movie" doesn't have "S" on it!

So now, watch Cinco movie here!


Watch Cinco Movie Online in High Quality

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/09/watch-pinoy-movies-online.html[/postlink] endofvid [starttext]

You may have wondered how pinoy movie express has gotten pop up advertisement running over the site.Well that's the least practical thing we could do to sustain the needs of this blog.I mean, internet/intensive research/analysis/downloading pinoy movie torrents/embedding full-length movies/movie news updates. .all of which we did to make this what it is now.And facing another ad controversy, with Google which had disable their ads on this site is but one of the most terrible thing that happened.We're very disappointed but are willing to wait.As of the moment, we're running these irritating pop ups and we're sorry for that.

But nonetheless, you could still enjoy and watchfilipino movies in here! Watch Pinoy Movies Online only at Pinoymoviexpress.net

Also, we are proudly launching another website; it's called Watch pinoy movie online and can be accessed through the link -> http://watchpinoymovieonline.blogspot.com/

That website will reassuringly be filled with  only working pinoy movies online.Thank you!


Watch Pinoy Movies Online

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/09/abs-cbn-imortal-full-trailer-released.html[/postlink] Watch Imortal tv Online Free - Watch pinoy teleserye Online Free - All Filipino Movies.Free Tagalog Movies at Pinoymoviexpress.net

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mEeP_FWlb0endofvid [starttext]

Wow.This trailer of Imortal the upcoming vampire-series of Abs-cbn was like done with movie standards.Just look at those cgi animated wolves.Super like it and I actually created a blog about imortal which will be of great use in the near future.

So kindly subscribe here if you want more imortal updates or just go to the unofficial IMORTAL blog that I made --> Imortal Episodes.


Abs-cbn Imortal Full Trailer Released!

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/09/starcraft-movie-in-works.html[/postlink] [starttext]

As we told you days ago, we're back on providing movie news from hollywood.And to start with, rumors has spread that a StarCraft movie is actually on the plan.The upcoming Science-Fiction movie StarCraft will be based on the military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Nobody still knows who will helm, what production company will produce, or who will be the lead stars.But one thing's for sure, with the recently launched Starcraft 2 game, this movie is going to be highly-anticipated.


StarCraft Movie in the works!

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/09/filipino-movies-to-watch-on-september.html[/postlink] We're tuning in with our pinoy movie offerings this September 2010 for FALL 2010.Now, if you're looking for good Filipino movies to watch out for this FALL, then hold on tight for our list will make you go gaga over and watch movies online!

According to the website USA.gov, the first day of Fall (Autumn) 2010 is Wednesday September 22, 2010 at 11:09 PM ET.And since most of our viewers came from US.

Opening Today is a family drama movie to watch out for after the 2000 Filipino movie masterpiece (Tanging Yaman) by Laurice Guillen, - Sa'yo Lamang Movie.

Dianne Alvaro (Bea Alonzo) seems to have a happy family. She and her mom (Lorna Tolentino) just bought a house for them, her younger siblings are doing great at school, and her boyfriend for two years is already preparing for their future together. But everything in her life shatters when her dad, Franco (Christopher de Leon), returns after ten years of being with his mistress.
More than the irritating presence of Franco, what hurts Dianne the most is how her mom whole heartedly accepts Franco back to live with them again, and how her siblings allow him to be their father again, as if he never left. Confused and hurt, Dianne does everything to throw Franco out of their lives. But as she succeeds with her plans, she is shocked to learn that their familys problem is more than the return of the man who has hurt her in the past. And thus the start of the journey of Dianne and her family as they discover their family’s secrets.(Watch Sayo Lamang Online)

  • After the Joel Lamangan Movie Mamarazzi, comes another of his creation Ang Nanay Kong Aswang! The movie stars Eugene Domingo, Agot Isidro, Carla Abellana, Sheena Halili, Rafael Rosell & Roxanne Guinoo.No other reports we're heard other than that, it's slated to be release on September 15, 2010!
Now here's something to that will really make you fall this FALL! With the hit punchlines and one-liners of the horse kicking wit of Vice Ganda, Petrang Kabayo movie will surely become one of the most laughable pinoy film this year!

PETRANG KABAYO - The film is about an ill-mannered Petra who is cursed by Silveria, the godess of horses. The curse turns Petra into a white horse. He only returns to normal if he respects and treats people well. (Watch Petrang Kabayo Online)

So far, these are the only pinoy movies you could watch out for through out the month.Nonetheless, these are all going to be anticipated!


Filipino Movies to Watch on September 2010!

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/09/ibong-adarna-tagalog-movie-version-1941.html[/postlink] So how does the voice of the Ibong Adarna sounds like? - Watch Ibong Adarna (Tagalog Movie Version) Watch Tagalog Movies Online Free - All Filipino Movies.Free Tagalog Movies at Pinoymoviexpress.net

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUoiv02VoMsendofvid [starttext]
We're actually taking the leap of being educational! Watch Ibong Adarna 1941 preview above.VOICE RENDERED BY:ANGELA GAYOSO,SOPRANO COLORATURA

A Brief Summary of Ibong Adarna

The kingdom of Berbania is ruled by the king, Don Fernando. His wife is Doña Valeriana and they have three sons (from eldest to youngest): Don Pedro, Don Diego and Don Juan.

Don Fernando’s favorite is his youngest son, Don Juan. He falls ill after having a bad dream about his favorite son being attacked by two people before being thrown down a well. None of the healers in the kingdom could cure him. His condition worsens.

One day, an old doctor arrives in the Berbania and says that the illness of Don Fernando, which was brought about by a nightmare, may be cured only by the song of the Adarna bird. This bird can be found on Mt. Tabor, where it perches on the Piedras Platas tree at night. During the daytime, the bird goes off somewhere but it comes back at night to roost, and it sings before it sleeps.

(Piedras Platas is Spanish for “silver stones”.)

The old doctor warns that the “Ibong Adarna” is actually an enchantress, and it must be brought back to Berbania immediately to help heal the ailing Don Fernando.

Don Pedro journeys to Mt. Tabor and reaches it after three months. He is mesmerized by the Piedras Platas tree with its leaves shimmering like diamonds. Unfortunately, the Adarna comes late in the evening. Since Don Pedro was tired from the journey, he was asleep by the time the bird perched on the tree.

The Adarna sheds its feathers and sings seven times, poops, and then falls asleep on the tree. The poop lands on the head of the snoring Don Pedro, and instantly turns him to stone.

Twelve months pass with no word from Don Pedro, so Don Diego goes to Mt. Tabor. He suffers the same fate as Don Pedro.

Three years pass, and Don Juan offers to look for his missing brothers as well as the Ibong Adarna. Don Fernando tries to stop his favorite son from leaving, but is convinced by Don Juan.

Don Juan brings five pieces of bread and decides to eat just one piece a month. After four months, he reaches the top of Mt. Tabor where he meets an old leper. The leper begs for alms, and the compassionate Don Juan gives his last piece of bread.

-from Viloria.net


Ibong Adarna (Tagalog Movie Version) 1941

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/09/start-september-2010-with-free-tagalog.html[/postlink] [starttext]

This is actually a quick note coming from us, it's already September which means days to go till our Super! Duper! Mega! Anniversary.We will surprise you no matter what, we might just give you out something! And also watch out for tons of Filipino movies to reach the realm of your desktop.Watch pinoy movies online, free tagalog movies and filipino movies only ar Pinoy Movie Express!

Tell your friends that something's going to happen here in Pinoy movie express!


Start September 2010 with FREE TAGALOG MOVIES from Pinoy Movie Express!