[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/watch-shake-rattle-and-roll-9-movie.html[/postlink] Watch Shake Rattle and Roll 9 Full Movie Online Free - Watch Shake Rattle and Roll Movies Online - Shake Rattle & Roll. Here on Pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com Watch Shake Rattle and Roll 9 Movie online.The top grossing Shake Rattle and Roll film in history.

Pinoy Movie Express player

SHAKE, RATTLE and ROLL 9 features three nerve shattering stories with only one mission: to make the audience scream to their lungs!
The first episode – Christmas tree directed by Paul Daza, unveils the bone-rattling story of a family who was forced to face a blood hungry Christmas tree during their holiday reunion. Starring: John Pratts, Lovi Poe, Nash Aguas, Gina Alajar,Boots Anson Roa, Tonton Gutierrez, John Lapuz and Sophia Baars

Director Michael Tuviera dares you not to fall asleep, as he offers Bangungot – the second episode that spins a daunting suspense thriller about three people entangled in a love triangle that got horrendously trapped in a twilight zone nightmare that led to an unexpected fatal twist. Starring: Roxanne Guinoo, Pauleen Luna and Dennis Trillo

For the spine-chilling finale – “Engkanto” grips us into the uncanny tale of a teenage gothic band that was menacingly bound in an inescapable deathly spell by a stunningly tempting Engkanto. Director Topel Lee helms this third episode. Starring: Matt Evans, Melissa Ricks, Mart Escudero, Jewel Mische, Felix Roco,Sam Concepcion and Katrina Halili.

John Prats, Lovi Poe, Nash Aguas, Gina Alajar, Boots Anson Roa, Tonton Gutierrez, John Lapuz, Sophia Baars, Roxanne Guinoo, Pauleen Luna, Dennis Trillo, Matt Evans, Melissa Ricks, Mart Escudero, Jewel Mische, Felix Roco, Sam Concepcion and Katrina Halili


Watch Shake Rattle and Roll 9 movie online

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/you-to-me-are-everything-movie-teaser_29.html[/postlink] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fckKvpzT5E4endofvid[starttext]
So another romantic movie is about to hit the theaters near you.Starring the real life couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes produced by Regal Films and GMA Films "You to Me Are Everything Movie" is about a guy named Rafael.A rich guy whose luck suddenly turned upside down after losing everything. When he needed to get his life back on track, he met Iska, played by Marian Rivera - the instant rich girl from the province. Rafael becomes her business adviser and uses h...er to become rich again only to find out that she'll change him more than he expected. 

Also starring in the upcoming romantic movie are Isabel Oli, Sandy Andolong, Manilyn Reynes and AJ Dee.You to Me are Everything opens in theaters on May 5, 2010.

The title seems to sound odd since they derived it from a song of the same title and the song became only a minor hit in the US and didn't seem to become popular to everybody.Can their movie become a box office hit? or flop again as usual?

One notable scene in the 30sec clip is when the pig with an acclaimed name "Snowy" showed up -HAHA! Its the only thing that intrigues me. .



You To Me Are Everything Movie Teaser

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/anc-talks-about-mtrcbs-x-rating-of-2_29.html[/postlink] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=173XRsINuXgendofvid[starttext]

Crap! I was suppose to talk about this few days ago after this news was brought about by ABS-CBN.After watching, I was like "Where is a freedom of Speech?" .As if Philippines is going to get better just by hiding the flaws Administration? What's wrong with you people!!

Two of AmBisyon’s films, directed by internationally acclaimed filmmakers Jeffrey Jeturian and Brillante Mendoza, were rated X on March 25, by the MTRCB.

Jeturian’s film for ANC, the ABS-CBN News Channel, focused on the state of the economy. His camera follows a newspaper from the time it is delivered to a homeowner to when it is used to wipe feces from the foot of a cart-pushing vendor. Jeturian uses a newspaper printed with the same controversial advertisement that came out in early January trumpeting the administration’s economic successes. The film, called “Ganito tayo ngayon, Paano na tayo bukas?” ends with President Arroyo’s photo on the crumpled newspaper.

The MTRCB said in its decision that the film was X-rated for “undermining the faith and confidence of the people in government.”

Mendoza’s film, “Ayos Ka” is a music video whose hopeful soundtrack is a stark contrast against images of poverty, prostitution, drugs and murder.

The MTRCB claimed Mendoza’s film is “injurious to the prestige of the Republic of the Philippines and its people.”

ANC produced the AmBisyon 2010 film series in the name of public interest, to offer a nation on the verge of a critical election the chance to focus on issues, not personalities. It is an advocacy shared by the film industry. Twenty of the country’s most powerful voices in cinema have offered their talents gratis to each create a short film on a chosen issue.

The films are scheduled to screen on April 6 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and in a five-episode weekly series over ANC and Studio 23 beginning April 9.

We in ANC respect due process, and will be requesting a second review on Monday. We hope the MTRCB will reconsider.

We support our filmmakers in their decision not to revise their films. While the views of the 20 amBisyon’s filmmakers may not necessarily reflect ANC’S, we believe these films are legitimate perspectives of the state of the nation.

We trust in the public’s capacity to decide whether they will claim these views as their own.

source: http://www.starmometer.com/2010/03/28/anc-releases-statement-on-mtrcbs-x-rating-of-2-ambisyon-films/
 Okay fine! Keep buzzing. . I know you were raising an eyebrow by this point of time.I'll give you an update about this.

ANC talks about MTRCB’s X Rating of 2 "Ambisyon 2010" Films

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/free-to-watch-filipino-movies-or_29.html[/postlink] Watch free Filipino movies or Tagalog movies online! This is a free online watch movie blog of Filipino movies in the Philippines. Just come back to  this blog everyday to watch free Pinoy movies. 


TAGALOG MOVIES -WANT MORE? On our 1st year anniversary this coming 30th of April 2010.We are going to surprise you to the extreme as we will once again cater the best out of Filipino movies online.Watch out this summer! Only here on Pinoy Movie Express -Soon with (dot.com) if some hearty OFW donates. :p


Free to Watch Filipino Movies or Tagalog Movies

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/watch-fernando-poe-jr-fpj-movies-online.html[/postlink] endofvid[starttext]

Are you seeking for intense action? Then you must have been looking for great action movies by Da King, "Fernando Poe Jr." like on Cinema FPJ movies.

So you want to watch FPJ movies online? The long wait is over now, for we are going to apprise you with tons of great action stunts,wild gun to gun scenes,side-burns,gun-shooting prowess and rapid fast punches and jabs done by the one and only "FPJ" Fernando Poe Jr. on his must watch movies.

Ranging over 200 Ronald Allan Kelley Poe "FPJ" Movies, all became blockbuster hit - FPJ movies are undoubtedly popular.Aside from being the most popular, FPJ is arguably considered the most influential Filipino actor of all-time.And he was a legend -the King of Philippine Movies on his greatest.

Image Credit: http://fpj-daking.blogspot.com/

Available FPJ Movies online will be shown below:


Watch Fernando Poe Jr. "FPJ" Movies Online

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/working-girls-gma-films-2010-upcoming_29.html[/postlink] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQEMhKcm070endofvid[starttext]Another upcoming movie is set to bring laughs out of Pinoy moviegoers nationwide as GMA Films, Viva Films and Unitel released the movie poster and trailer of Working Girls movie 2010 starring Ruffa Gutierrez, Iza Calzado, Cristine Reyes, Jennylyn Mercado and Eugene Domingo.As well as the plot of the movie which is quoted below.

PLOT: Women of different status, profession, and principles become connected by association or circumstance.

Dr. Cleo Carrillo (Eula Valdez) is a famous dermatologist, whose roster of high-profile clients include beauty queen turned society empress Marilou Cobarrubias (Ruffa Gutierrez) and socialite Betchay Magbutay-Cavendish (Carmi Martin). Cleo is married to a cardiologist, Dr. Vincent Carrillo. But her success comes with zealous detractors and nasty lawsuits, something which Marilou can relate to.

Marilou is widowed by her aged and ultra-rich husband, and her daughter-in-law, Amanda dela Vega, has arranged that she gets nothing except a small condo unit and a business on the verge of bankruptcy. Now, Marilou has to learn to get by on her own, something which her cousin, Tere Villanueva (Iza Calzado), has been doing since she was young.

Tere works as a nurse, and becomes particularly close to an old woman named Amelia Marcelino. Tere sees herself in the dying woman and fears that she too might end up alone since she has been traumatized by her one great love, Leon. But as if fate is teasing her, Tere is assigned to watch over a patient who happens to be Leon’s wife.

Tere’s best friend, Ada Villanueva (Jennylyn Mercado) is also suffering from heartache and regret for not accepting the marriage proposal of Jonathan, the father of her child. And now Jonathan is engaged to someone else. As an Executive Producer at a television network, Ada is able to raise her son, but barely has time to personally take care of him.

Children are the least of the worries of Dara dela Vega (Bianca King). This spoiled daughter of Amanda is being given the cold shoulder at the same TV network where Ada works. Her arrogance for having studied in the US irks even the host of the show where she is a Junior Production Assistant. Aside from Ada, the only person who treats her nicely is Bogey, the cameraman, who advises her to adjust to the ways of her co-workers.

Jonathan’s friend in the Call Center, Tobz, is seeing an ambitious girl who claims that she is a model. Wendy Casuga (Cristine Reyes) idolizes beauty queens who become socialites, just like Marilou Cobarrubias. She frequents the so called go-sees for casting of television commercials and television shows, and is sometimes accepted as an “extra”. Unknown to Tobz, Wendy is not the least serious with him. She is after men who are rich, but insists that she will not get involved with married men, unlike her best friend Baby, who is having an affair with Melvin Cabigting.

Melvin is married to Paula Cabigting (Eugene Domingo). Paula is hardworking, trying out every kind of business she can think of, while Melvin is doing nothing since he got back from the US, having been affected by the recession. Paula cannot even rely on Melvin to drive for her to deliver goods to her clients that she still has to hire a service vehicle owned by a bachelor, Nelson Obleta. Thus begins another complicated relationship.

Each with their own troubles, these Working Girls just try to belong and be loved.


Working Girls - Gma Films 2010 Upcoming Movie

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/watch-ang-panday-movie-online.html[/postlink] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jqadlyNem8endofvid[starttext]

So after few months of waiting, a high quality video of the MMFF Best Picture "Ang Panday" movie starring Bong Revilla has been brought to existence online.Watch Ang Panday Movie Online -the only Filipino fantasy movie of Hollywood standards when it comes to special effects.

Ang Panday will follow the life of Flavio (Bong Revilla), a blacksmith who only wants peace. He will meet a beautiful stranger named Maria who will easily capture his heart. When a meteor falls down, Maria (Iza Calzado) told Flavio that he is chosen to be a hero. Flavio doesn’t want to have anything to do with being a hero.
From the remains of the meteor, Flavio crafted a dagger as a gift to Maria. But Lizardo’s men came and took Maria. Flavio will head on adventures after adventures to save Maria from Lizardo.


Watch Ang Panday Movie Online

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/babe-i-love-you-movie-watch-babe-i-love.html[/postlink] Watch Babe I love you full movie online for free quickly and easily - Watch Babe I love you Movies Online.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-6cbbZbk5Yendofvid[starttext]

I was just done watching several versions of the trailer of "Babe I love you", when it felt to me as though I really wanted to watch Babe I love you by the time its brought to the limelight.For the first time on the big screen, SAM MILBY AND ANNE CURTIS come together for the hottest movie offering this summer, “Babe, I Love You,” under Star Cinema and Viva Films.

Babe I love you movie is the much awaited big screen union of the year.Watch Babe I Love You Movie Online and you will be on the extreme as star cinema and viva films ignite the summer with the hottest tandem.Sam Milby and Anne Curtis in a movie about love,changes and differences.


Babe I love You Movie | Watch Babe I love you Movie Online For Free

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/watch-ang-darling-kong-aswang-movie_27.html[/postlink] Finally, the long wait is over.A high quality video of the movie "Ang Darling Kong Aswang" has leaked online.Now, you can watch Ang Darling Kong Aswang Movie Online in (HQ) plus in English Subbed.

Victor (Vic Sotto) is a single father who falls in love with Elisa (Cristine Reyes) who turns out to be an Aswang. But even so, Victor love Elisa so much that he accepted who she is and even live with her as his second wife.

But the problem comes when the leader of the Aswang clan (Jean Garcia) founds out that Elisa and her mother (Agot Isidro) are not eating humans anymore. She sents out other Aswangs to hunt down Elisa and her mother, and also for Victor and his family.Victor then will face the leader of the Aswang clan to save his beloved Elisa.


Watch Ang Darling Kong Aswang Movie Online (HQ + English Subbed)

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/watch-paano-ko-ba-sasabihin-movie.html[/postlink] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ph5FUqERl8endofvid

This April on SM Cinema's nationwide, the indie film from Cinema One Originals entitled "Paano Ko Sasabihin movie" is going to captivate your hearts.A movie you will never forget.The movie that will prove to you sometimes in love "Action speaks louder than words".

Written and directed by Richard Legaspi, "Paano Ko Sasabihin" stars Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales this time in a romantic comedy where anything can happen without a certain outcome. An inner story reels within its main story with so much laughter. Call this a chance meeting between two strangers who can `hear' the call of love by using their hearts. "Paano Ko Sasabihin" asks: What if the attractive deaf guy you met inside the metro train or LRT thought you too were deaf? Could you be ready to act like one so as not to turn him off? All for the name of romance, two individuals are entangled in a roller coaster ride of lies for the sake of love, or is it love covered with lies?


Watch Paano ko ba Sasabihin Movie Official Trailer

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/earth-hour-2010_27.html[/postlink] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FclcMfzjwugendofvid

We are supporting the greatest mass participation event in history, Earth Hour 2010.Join us tonight,March 27, 2010 at 8:30 to 9:30 pm, on switching off our lights.People across the world from all walks of life will turn off their lights and join together in celebration and contemplation of the one thing we all have in common – our planet. Earth Hour 2010 Show what can be done!



[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/watch-babe-i-love-you-movie-online.html[/postlink] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY53f1vsctIendofvid

You may want to watch Babe I love you Movie Online! It's totally for free.Feel free to browse the latest tagalog movies on the planet.Please leave comments!

Since Babe I love you movie is slated on April 3, 2010 it hasn't leaked the net yet.The full-length movie will be posted here, weeks after the release on theaters.So better subscribe now and be the first one to know!

While Above is the making of Babe I love you via Take One (An exclusive from Cinema One); below is the official synopsis of the upcoming movie.

Can love really bring two opposite worlds together?
How much can you give up for the one you love?

In the academe, Niccolo “Nico” Veneracion is a highly-esteemed History of Architecture professor who is on his way to becoming the next Vice Dean of the Department. He knows that achieving this would finally make his mother proud of him and forgive him for indirectly causing his father’s death.

And yet, when he meets an unconventional girl named Sandra “Sasa” Sanchez, his world turns upside down. He never thought that he could fall in love with someone who works as a promo-girl and is obviously unacceptable in his life.

Will this work? Will everything Nico rebuilt since a tragedy struck his life be threatened with Sasa in his life? Will their beliefs and principles stand and find a common ground for their love to prosper?


Watch Babe I Love You Movie Online

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/watch-my-only-u-movie-online.html[/postlink] Free to watch My Only U Movie Online.My Only Ü presents the most lovable box-office team-up of Vhong Navarro and Toni Gonzaga by award-winning director Cathy Garcia-Molina.

Bong (Vhong Navarro) does nothing but to save Winona (Toni Gonzaga), his best friend, whose family has a curse of not living beyod the age of 25, from her brushes with death. He has always been in love with her, while Winona, on the other hand, has never entertained love in the past knowing she wouldn’t live past 25 anyway.
After Winona celebrates her 25th birthday, she and Bong finds a second chance in life and love. However, Bong finds out that Winona’s days are indeed still numbered. He struggles to keep this secret from her while still continuing to give her the best days of her life. Meanwhile, Winona solwly finds herself falling for her best friend. But how much are you willing to liove if you know you will just lose it all in the end?


Watch My Only U Movie Online

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/watch-desperadas-movie-online.html[/postlink]  Despiradas is a comedy movie about desperate girls who want to get the best out of there lives.Watch Desperadas Movie Online and get tons of laughs.The story is about four beautiful half-sisters – Isabella, Courtney, Stephanie and Patricia – who have problems in their personal life. Isabella has issues with commitment, Stephanie is having problems with her husband Richard, Courtney’s boyfriend Patrick becomes a Born again Christian and Patricia publishes her new sex book much to the dismay of her husband who’s having trouble with their relationship as a couple.

A story of four beautiful half-sisters with different idiosyncracies and issues on family and relationships, it portrays the Filipino woman's many trials and how she copes with life's unending ups and downs but in the end realizes that all she really needs is love. The film by respected Director Joel Lamangan showcases the some country's most captivating and stylish actresses today -- Ruffa Gutierrez, Rufa Mae Quinto, Iza Calzado, Marian Rivera - in unforgettable roles set to make the audience laugh, cry and be entertained this holiday season.

Ruffa Gutierrez plays the role of Isabella, a single mother who somehow lost her way, a perceived brat who antagonizes her sisters. She is being courted by a devoted ramp model Vito, played by popular singer and host Jay-R.

Rufa Mae Quinto is Patricia, a sexologist who has written books on sexual relationships. She is married to Dave (Wendell Ramos), a banker. Having a carefree and liberal attitude, Patricia feels she has no problems at all until a shocking realization comes her way.

Iza Calzado gives life to Stephanie, a demure and conservative lawyer married to obstetrician Richard, played by TJ Trinidad. She openly abhors Patricia's liberal character but secretly buys her books in an attempt to address her marital concerns.

Marian Rivera portrays the youngest sibling Courtney. Ditzy and accident-prone, she's a swimwear and underwear designer who is engaged to be married to basketball star Patrick (Will Devaughn).

Desperadas (All they need is Love) will touch the audience in a light but endearing way as they relate to the situations and lives of the characters. A must-see movie for everyone who believes that in this world, all they really need is . . . LOVE.


Watch Desperadas Movie Online

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/watch-quija-movie-online.html[/postlink] Watch Quija Full Movie Online for Free - Watch Quija Movies Online -Another horror suspense Filipino movies starring Judy Ann Santos,engaged in playing the diabolic game Quija that'll scare you to death.


Half-sisters Aileen and Romina, along with first cousins Ruth and Sandra, reunite in Camiguin to bury their grandmother. Accompanied by Sandra's friend, Lucy, the five girls dare to call on the spirits of the dead when they find their old Ouija board from when they were kids. The Ouija board is burned by accident before they are able to finish the ritual, trapping a murderous entity around them. As they begin to realize the terror that they have brought upon themselves, Aileen and Romina's hostile relationship even become more strained, while Lucy's sanity brings a heavy burden on Sandra, and Ruth's boyfriend, Gino, is unknowingly pulled into the danger and horror that await all of them. Confronted by imminent Death, the girls have nowhere to go unless they can identify the spirit and find out where it is buried. It is only by leading the spirit to its burial ground that they will able to release the spirit from the Ouija board and survive its fatal hauntings


Watch Quija Movie Online

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/one-more-chance-trailer-2d_25.html[/postlink] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=485_M6XueAoendofvid

April fools is coming, we have been very serious on adding Filipino movies in this blog.It's about time to take a break and have some humor! I chanced upon a fan-made "One More Chance" trailer in 2D featuring the (South park inspired characters) at Facebuko.com . In case you don't know what Facebuko is, it's one of the humorous place in the planet. "Akala mo Facebook -yun pala hindi".

Since One More Chance isn't a funny movie, I don't think this will bring out laughs from you though while watching you can really see yourself with a smile.Believe me, it'll make your day.


One More Chance Trailer (2D)

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/watch-lastikman-movie-online.html[/postlink] Another great Filipino superhero movie "Lastikman" movie is entertaining, specially to children.Watch Lastikman Movie Online via (Youtube).Vic Sotto fits as the bony Hilario who was transformed into an elastic man after a meteor hit a rubber tree.Lastikman is "Your Friendly Kapitbahay!".Watch now!

We are using a playlist on this movie so wait for the next video to load or click next button.

Young Hilario is near a rubber tree when a meteor strikes it, and somehow gains powers of elasticity. His grandfather inspires him to use his new found powers to do good deeds, and thus honour the memories of his dead parents. Hilario grows up to become a Professor in physics, and also the superhero Lastikman.

There is another movie rendition of Mars Ravelo's "lastikman" starring Mark Bautista and Sarah Geronimo.This hasn't leaked online yet.But you might just want to buy it.


Watch Lastikman Movie Online

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/watch-got-2-believe-movie-online.html[/postlink] [starttext]
As far as I know, Got 2 Believe is the last movie of the matinee idol Rico Yan.Paired with the beautiful Claudine Barretto in the movie, Got 2 Believe Movie boast for laughter, drama and sweet kilig romances.

Even though she’s known for planning fabulous weddings for her clients, Toni (Claudine Barretto), a hopeless romantic, is always a bridesmaid and never a bride. Desperate to be married before she’s 25, she reluctantly enlists the help of a persistent wedding photographer (Rico Yan) she detests, who agrees to find her a suitable boyfriend (Dominic Ochoa). But what happens when the two enemies end up falling for each other?

Watch Got 2 Believe Movie Online

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/anne-curtis-nipple-slipped-during-babe_24.html[/postlink] Anne Curtis speaks on her 'nip slip scandal' in Boracay.Watch the full video and photo of Anne Curtis Nipslip scandal at Boracay during the promotional number of her upcoming movie Babe, I love you.


This is by far one of the most anticipated Pinay Celebrity Scandals online.On a hot summer Sunday afternoon during the Asap XV show live at Boracay, Anne Curtis was on her best figure when suddenly something unexpected happened.Something that everybody has been talking about, something most if not some has been taking advantage of, something that would really hurt if it happened to you?

Anne Curtis' right breast was accidentally exposed to the large crowd during her dance number to promote the movie Babe I love you.And of course, with people taking pictures by that moment -having that particular scene shot was exceptional. "Yes, nahubaran ang pinagnanasahan nyong Anne!", she had a wardrobe malfunction, it has leaked online I've seen it but I'm sorry I just can't share to you her exposed tits.I like her! and I feel so sorry for her.Instead watch the video above -where you might just spot SOMETHING! :p


Anne Curtis' Nipple Slipped during Babe, I love you Promotional Dance Number

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/lola-indie-movie-wins-grand-jury-prize_21.html[/postlink] [starttext]

Another Brillante Mendoza film brought honor to the country.

“Lola,” the latest film by Cannes-winning director Brillante “Dante” Mendoza, won the Grand Knight Award, equivalent to the Grand Jury Prize in the world competition category of the 27th Miami International Film Festival in the US.
The international film festival also commended the star of Lola, Anita Linda, as a cinema icon and its story for offering “an earnest, compassionate study of forgiveness and redemption.”
The pinoy indie film bested 13 other entries from Russia, Brazil, China, Bolivia and The Netherlands in the category that celebrates the works of up-and-coming filmmakers from around the world.
Brillante Mendoza took home a cash prize of $25,000 cash from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.
Written by Lynda Casimiro, Lola is about two elderly women [who] bear the consequences of a crime involving their respective grandsons–one is the victim, the other is the suspect.
Starring Anita Linda and Rustica Carpio, Lola also won Second Best Picture at the Venice Filmfest last year and Best Film (with a cash prize of $50,000) in Dubai.

source: http://www.starmometer.com/2010/03/20/brillante-mendozas-lola-wins-grand-jury-prize-in-miami-film-festival/

Lola Indie Movie Wins Grand Jury Prize in Miami Film Festival

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/26th-pmpc-star-awards-for-movies-2010_21.html[/postlink] [starttext] The Complete List of Nominees, Winners for the 26th PMPC Star Awards for Movies this 2010 has been unveiled.The event will be held on April 24, 2010 at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater of the Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City. The 26th PMPC Star Awards for Movies 2010 is also dubbed as “Tatlong Dekada ng PMPC sa Pelikulang Pilipino.”

Movie of the Year
Ang Panday (GMA Films and Imus Productions)
I Love You Goodbye (Star Cinema)
In My Life (Star Cinema)
Kimmy Dora (Spring Films)
Mano Po 6: My Mother (Regal Entertainment)
Digital Movie of the Year
Astig (Cinemalaya Foundation, Boy Abunda and Boy So Productions)
Ded Na Si Lolo (APT Entertainment and Directors’ Guild of the Phils.)
Dinig Sana Kita (Cinemalaya Foundation and Echo & Mirage Media)
Dukot (CDP Events and Entertainment Productions and ATD Entertainment)
Puntod (ADC Productions)
Movie Director of the Year
Mac Alejandre (Ang Panday)
Joyce Bernal (Kimmy Dora)
Laurice Guillen (I Love You Goodbye)
Joel Lamangan (Mano Po 6: My Mother)
Olivia Lamasan (In My Life)
Digital Movie Director of the Year
Cesar Apolinario (Puntod)
Joel Lamangan (Dukot )
GB Sampedro (Astig)
Mike Sandejas (Dinig Sana Kita)
Soxie Topacio (Ded Na Si Lolo)
Movie Actress of the Year
Iza Calzado (Dukot)
Sharon Cuneta (Mano Po 6: My Mother)
Eugene Domingo (Kimmy Dora)
Angelica Panganiban (I Love You Goodbye)
Vilma Santos (In My Life)
Movie Actor of the Year
John Lloyd Cruz (In My Life)
Allen Dizon (Dukot )
Roderick Paulate (Ded Na Si Lolo)
Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr. (Ang Panday)
Lou Veloso (Colorum)
Movie Supporting Actress of the Year
Gina Alajar (Dukot)
Gloria Diaz (Sagrada Familia)
Heart Evangelista (Mano Po 6: My Mother)
Zsa Zsa Padilla (Mano Po 6: My Mother)
Rhian Ramos (Ang Panday)
Movie Supporting Actor of the Year
Aldred Gatchalian (Bente)
Luis Manzano (In My Life)
Phillip Salvador (Ang Panday)
Fanny Serrano (Tulak)
Dennis Trillo (Mano Po 6: My Mother)

Movie Child Performer of the Year
Nash Aguas (Kamoteng Kahoy)
Mica Dela Cruz (T2)
Patricia Gayod (Puntod)
JP Mesde (Tulak)
Robert Villar (Ang Panday)
New Movie Actress of the Year
Louise Delos Reyes (Agaton And Mindy)
Iren Liel Escaño (Ded Na Si Lolo)
Barbie Forteza (Puntod)
Paloma (Pitik Bulag)
Maricar Reyes (And I Love You So)
New Movie Actor of the Year

Enchong Dee (Paano Ko Sasabihin)
Zyrus Desamparado (Engkwentro)
Romalito Mallari (Dinig Sana Kita)
Joey Paras (Last Supper No. 3)
Chase Vega (Agaton And Mindy)
Movie Original Screenplay of the Year
Laurice Guillen, Mark Meily, and Karen Ramos (I Love You Goodbye)
Roy Iglesias (Mano Po 6: My Mother)
Raymond Lee, Olivia Lamasan, and Senedy Que (In My Life)
Chris Martinez (Kimmy Dora)
Carmi Raymundo, Norissa Soriano, and Chie Floresca (You Changed My Life)
Digital Movie Original Screenplay of the Year
Cesar Apolinario, Melchor Encabo, and Tammy Dantes (Puntod)
Charlotte Dianco (Fidel)
Jerry Gracio (Astig)
Mike Sandejas (Dinig Sana Kita)
Soxie Topacio (Ded Na Si Lolo)
Movie Cinematographer of the Year
Lee Meily (I Love You Goodbye)
Charlie Peralta (In My Life)
Regimen Romano (Ang Panday)
Shayne Sarte (Kimmy Dora)
Manuel Teehankee (You Changed My Life)
Digital Movie Cinematographer of the Year
Albert Banzon (Dinig Sana Kita)
Jeyow Evangelista (Puntod)
Odyssey Flores (Astig)
Odyssey Flores (Lola)
Mackie Galvez (Mangatyanan)
Movie Editor of the Year

Manet Dayrit (I Love You Goodbye)
Theresa Vanessa De Leon (Kimmy Dora)
Marya Ignacio (In My Life)
Marya Ignacio (You Changed My Life)
Augusto Salvador (Ang Panday)
Digital Movie Editor of the Year
Danny Añonuevo (Ded Na Si Lolo)
Charliebebs Gohetia (Astig)
Charliebebs Gohetia (Dukot)
Mikael Pestano (Dinig Sana Kita)
Jonjon Banaag, Arlette Ranojo, and John Bastillo (Puntod)
Movie Production of the Year

Adelina Leung and Tony Chiong (Kimmy Dora)
Edgar Martin Littaua (I Love You Goodbye)
Edgar Martin Littaua (Mano Po 6: My Mother)
Richard Somes (Ang Panday)
Elfren Vivar (In My Life)
Digital Movie Production of the Year
Cyrus Khan (Astig)
Dante Brillante Mendoza (Lola)
Art Maningas and Rommel Espinosa (Puntod)
Roland Rubenecia (Dinig Sana Kita)
Edel Templonuevo (Ded Na Si Lolo)
Movie Musical Scorer of the Year
Nonong Buencamino (In My Life)
Brian Cua (Kimmy Dora)
Von De Guzman (Ang Panday)
Von De Guzman (I Love You Goodbye)
Jessie Lasaten (You Changed My Life)
Digital Movie Musical Scorer of the Year
Noel Cabangon (Ded Na Si Lolo)
Vincent De Jesus (Puntod)
Lucien Letabe (Dukot)
Jesse Lucas (Astig)
Francis Brew Reyes (Dinig Sana Kita)
Movie Sound Engineer of the Year
Ditoy Aguila (Ang Panday)
Albert Michael Idioma (In My Life)
Albert Michael Idioma (I Love You Goodbye)
Albert Michael Idioma (Kimmy Dora)
Albert Michael Idioma (T2)
Digital Movie Sound Engineer of the Year
Ditoy Aguila (Ded Na Si Lolo)
Ditoy Aguila, Junel Valencia, and Mark Locsin (Astig)
Emmanuelle Clemente (Puntod)
Ronald De Asis and Mark Locsin (Dinig Sana Kita)
Albert Michael Idioma and Addiss Tabong (Lola)
Alfredo Ongleo (Dukot)
Movie Original Theme Song of the Year
“Tanging Ikaw” from the movie Ang Panday. Music, lyrics, and interpretation by Ogie Alcasid
“Kimmy Dora” from the movie Kimmy Dora. Music by Michael Angelo Manalang, lyrics by Emman dela Cruz, and interpretation by Ricci Chan
Digital Movie Original Theme Song of the Year
“Ang Buhay Nga Naman’ from the movie Ded Na Si Lolo. Music, lyrics and interpretation by Noel Cabangon
“Astig Ka” from the movie Astig. Music by Jojo Espinosa and Edgardo Rustia, lyrics by GB Sampedro and Candy Pangilinan, interpretation by Rodrum
“Gabay Ang Awit” from the movie A Journey Home. Music by Janette Ayroso, lyrics by Mia Louise Ramos, interpretation by Jonathan and Denden Beltran, Devin Villacruz, Joy Villacruz, Kimberly Kwok, Wally Ang, Will Tan, and Katherine Dematera
“Sana Ako’y Marinig’ from the movie Dinig Sana Kita. Music and lyrics by Francis Brew Reyes and Niña Sandejas, interpretation by Zoe Sandejas
Darling of the Press
Toni Gonzaga
Angel Locsin
Vicky Morales
Annabelle Rama
Donna Villa
Ang Ulirang Artista Lifetime Achievement Award
Gina Pareño
Ulirang Alagad ng Pelikula sa Likod ng Kamera award
Carlo J. Caparas

Awards night will be aired live on TV5 from 9:30-11:30 PM and will be hosted by Toni Gonzaga, Boy Abunda and Lorna Tolentino. Keep updated here for the list of Star Awards 2010 Winners.[endtext]

The 26th PMPC Star Awards for Movies 2010

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/watch-love-story-movie-online.html[/postlink] A love story is a tagalog movie under the romance genre.Watch A Love Story Tagalog Movie Online.It is also a heavy drama featuring the first trio tandem of Maricel Soriano,Aga Muhlach and Angelica Panganiban.

What if you met the woman you wanted to make your wife after you married someone else? Ian Montes (Aga Muhlach) is a picture of success…
A Love Story is about successful but emotionally scarred businessman Ian Montes Aga Muhlach who is torn between two women: Joanna Maricel Soriano, a doctor, and Karyn Angelica Panganiban a flight attendant.


Watch A Love Story Tagalog Movie Online

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/free-to-watch-feng-shui-movie-online_21.html[/postlink] Watch Feng Shui Movie Online for Free - Watch Feng Shui Horror Movies Online -Kris Aquino's blockbuster horror movie premieres today in HQ at Pinoy Movie Express.One of the best filipino horror movies of all time.It's a blockbuster and rarely you can watch an engrossing horror movie that would eventually stop your breath for a while,Feng Shui movie.Starring Kris Aquino,accustomed with the Chinese (Tsinoy) traditions,the movie is about a cursed bagwa(mirror) which is later found that whoever looks into the mirror of the bagua will die and the subsequent death will result from an animal in the Chinese calendar depending on what year the victim was born but the owner of the bagua is going to become a very lucky and prosperous person.

Pinoy Movie Express player

The movie starts with Joy (Kris Aquino) finding a bagua . According to the ancient feng shui practice of the Chinese, this traditional mirrored piece brings good luck to the owner and wards off evil. As she has no way of finding out where the owner is, she decides to keep it and hangs it at home.

To her surprise, good luck starts to pour in. Quite overwhelming for a young mother in the middle of trying to start a new life with her family. So of course, she welcomes the wonderful changes. However, the opposite seems to happen around her. Bad luck comes to people she knows and loves. It is only a matter of time that Joy realizes that not all good things come for free.

FREE to Watch: Feng Shui Movie Online

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/madrasta-movie_20.html[/postlink] [starttext]

The loving and nurturing Mariel (Sharon Cuneta) marries Edward (Christopher De Leon) after his first wife abandons him and their three children (Claudine Barretto, Patrick Garcia and Camille Prats). Mariel strives to win the acceptance and affection of her new stepchildren, even as she tries to define her role in the family. Directed by Olivia M. Lamasan, this provocative film explores issues of love, trust and what it means to be a family.


Madrasta Movie

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/apat-dapat-dapat-apat.html[/postlink] Watch Apat Dapat Dapat Apat Movie Online.The foursome comedy reunion of the biggest female comedian in the country.Apat Dapat Dapat Apat is a filipino comedy movie about valuing true friendship that ties between 4 awesome friends.

Their friendship starts with a life-threatening event. That day, the young BRITE (Ruffa Mae Quinto), DOLLY (Eugene Domingo), GAY (Pokwang) and RES (Candy Pangilinan) are riding on the same bus that nearly falls off the cliff. Thank God, they are miraculously saved and the four young girls vow to stay friends for life … and in death! Together, forever!
Several years after, we find the four still very much friends with each other in a lower middle-class barangay. Brite now owns a tutoring center, Dolly is a struggling piano teacher living with her good for nothing boyfriend, Gay is a separated MMDA and Res, is now a full-time housewife living with her two kids and perpetually bum husband, Totoy Bato (DJ Durano).
Life has been so hard that Brite suggests they work abroad to earn more money. The three of them agreed except for Res who is quite hesitant about the idea. But perhaps it is their fate to stick together. Res’ corrupt and “pasaway” parents and brothers are all locked up in a jail, so she has no options left but to join her friends to bail them out. Totoy Bato allows Res to go with her friends in one condition: that she goes back to him safely after six months of working abroad.
Upon arriving in Hongkong, their employers pick them up. Brite has a handsome employer who asks her to care for an old bedridden lady who’s surprisingly the girlfriend of his employer. Gay has an Indian employer. Her only task is to wash his family’s turbans. Gay at first thinks it is such an easy job until she finds out that the turbans are exaggeratedly long, enough to bury her alive.
Dolly has a German employer who asks her to baby-sit his three children with German measles. And Res has an Asian employer who unfortunately locks her inside a room, never gives her any food, and physically abuses her.
Every Sunday, OFWs meet at a certain park. That day, the three wait for Res, but their friend didn’t show up. They have no idea has been happening to her until they find out that Res has died. Starving for several days, Res ate all her amo’s goldfish and as a punishment was beaten ala-Flor Contemplacion. Afraid that Totoy Bato would kill them if he finds out about Res’ fate, they decide to bring Res home “alive” at all cost!
Will the three friends get away with their modus operandi? Will Res finally rest in peace? As things get topsy-turvy, the more the story gets riotously funny with Brite, Dolly Gay and their friend, Res.


Apat Dapat Dapat Apat

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/watch-dalaw-movie-online_18.html[/postlink] Produced by Pixel8 Ent. Executive Producers Milady Ponsones and Ryan Enriquez. Directed by Joven.Watch DALAW Movie Online.Another screaming tale of filipino horror movies.

Pinoy Movie Express player

Desperate to get a good story for their TV show, writer Laarni De Vera (Katrina Halili) braves a small town in Cavite to unravel the mystery behind the ghost of a young girl named Estela (Kristel Fulgar). It is said that Estela haunts young girls who just got their first period.

Laarni tries to find the answers to her questions and discovers the truth about Estela’s disturbing story of what she went through in living with her parents Cleo (Glydel Mercado) and Erning (Tonton Guttierez). As Laarni gets more and more involved with Estela’s story, she finds herself being haunted by the young girl and starts to lose her sanity. Is there hope for Laarni to solve the mystery of Estela’s haunting? Will Estela ever get to rest in peace?


Watch DALAW Movie Online

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/babe-i-love-you-official-poster_18.html[/postlink] [starttext]

Watch Babe, I love you Movie (2010) Trailer Online. I was just done watching the preview trailer of Babe, I love you. "Babe, I love you”movie official poster has been finally unveiled online via the multiply site of Star Cinema.


For the first time on the big screen, SAM MILBY AND ANNE CURTIS come together for the hottest movie offering this summer, “Babe, I Love You,” under Star Cinema and Viva Films.

After successful television projects-- Maging Sino Ka Man and Dyosa, one of the most high-profile tandems on the small screen, Sam and Anne are excited to get the feel of seeing themselves together in the silver screen. “The last time we worked together for a project is Dyosa pa. More than a year ago na. Kaya we’re really excited to finally work together and see ourselves sa malaking screen,” Anne shared.

Sam agrees, “for the longest time, lagi kaming kinakausap ng fans na sana magkaroon din kami ng pelikula and sana naman matuwa ang mga supporters namin and ang moviegoing audience natin with this gift na dala ng Star Cinema and Viva Films for them.”

Directed by Mae Cruz in her first full-length feature film, ‘Babe, I Love You’ circles on the story of two individuals who have never thought that love can blossom right at the middle of their two opposite worlds and that a seemingly cat-dog relationship can turn into an intimate affair.

A set of fun, fabulous and fearless actors complete the cast: Nikki Valdez, Guji Lorenzana, Tetchie Agbayani, AJ Perez, Megan Young, Thou Reyes, Kitkat, Nikki Bacolod, CJ Jaravata, Angel Sy, Cheska Ortega, Nina Dolino, Justin Gonzales, Joem Bascon, Nicole Uysieuseng, Leo Rialp, Roden Araneta and Laurice Guillen.

A different romance with a touch of light comedy and drama will surely get the movie-goers engrossed from start to end as Sam and Anne sets into the cinema’s foreground this summer. "Babe, I Love You" is set to hit theaters nationwide on Saturday, April 3, 2010!


Babe, I love you Official Poster Unveiled!

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/star-cinema-babe-i-love-you-music-video_16.html[/postlink] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijdlYolV4lIendofvid
Sund by Piolo Pascual, the official music video of the upcomin romantic movie of Anne Curtis and Sam Milby entitled "Babe, I love you" has been unveiled.Watch Babe, I Love You Music Video Online.

First aired on the Philippine television, Babe I love you movie's MV has also been uploaded at Youtube.Opens on April! Check the latest update about this movie here on Pinoy Movie Express we'll bombard you with tons of scoops and on liner news!


Star Cinema: Babe, I Love You Music Video (Tv Spot)

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/watch-milan-movie-online_16.html[/postlink] endofvid

Directed by Olivia M. Lamasan.Set in Milan, this filipino romantic movie boasts not only the stunning places in Milan but also the story that swirls in every Overseas Filipino Worker's life.

This story follows the journey of naive Lino (Pascual) as he searches for his missing wife in Italy.
He comes across Jenny (Barretto), an imposing figure in the Filipino community of migrant workers, whose dreams of grandeur have clouded her need for personal relationships.
In a desperate quest and game of survival, the two find refuge and affirmation in each other.
What started as a mentor-protege relationship, Lino and Jenny’s partnership evolves beautifully into a self-consuming love affair. Until these two are put to a test.
Reality bites as the land changes everything.
In the end, it matters not for Lino that he find his wife for he has found himself.
And atlas, it matters not for Jenny that she sacrifices for love, for she has learned to give, in order to live again.


Watch Milan Movie Online

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/watch-milan-movie-online.html[/postlink] Milan is a romantic movie about OFW's in Milan.Watch Milan Movie Online.Directed by Olivia M. Lamasan.Set in Milan, this filipino romantic movie boasts not only the stunning places in Milan but also the story that swirls in every Overseas Filipino Worker's life.

This story follows the journey of naive Lino (Pascual) as he searches for his missing wife in Italy.
He comes across Jenny (Barretto), an imposing figure in the Filipino community of migrant workers, whose dreams of grandeur have clouded her need for personal relationships.
In a desperate quest and game of survival, the two find refuge and affirmation in each other.
What started as a mentor-protege relationship, Lino and Jenny’s partnership evolves beautifully into a self-consuming love affair. Until these two are put to a test.
Reality bites as the land changes everything.
In the end, it matters not for Lino that he find his wife for he has found himself.
And atlas, it matters not for Jenny that she sacrifices for love, for she has learned to give, in order to live again.


Watch Milan Movie Online

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/watch-babe-i-love-you-movie-official.html[/postlink] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoN13anZ4xsendofvid[starttext]The second movie offering of Star Cinema, after the success of Paano na kaya.Featuring the love tandem of  Anne Curtis and Sam Milby in their upcoming movie "Babe, I love you".

Finally! The real-life sweethearts Sam Milby and Anne Curtis' movie is coming.The full trailer of “Babe, I Love You” starring Sam Milby and Anne Curtis has been released online via Youtube.“Watch Babe, I Love You movie online” and feel the essence of love this April.

The movie’s story will revolve around Anne as a promo girl and Sam as a school professor.Two different people of two different worlds, in the first few minutes of the trailer you can actually find yourself moved by how the story spills the character being portrayed by the couple.Another worth watching film from Star Cinema is about to make us fall in love once again next month.

Babe, I love you movie is an upcoming and the first romantic comedy movie in 2010.Babe I Love You movie is Star Cinema's April 3, 2010 offering and is directed by Mae Cruz.


Watch Babe I love you Movie Official Trailer

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/free-to-watch-caregiver-movie-online.html[/postlink]  Caregiver is an award winning movie masterpiece starring Sharon Cuneta which is about OFW's life abroad.watch Caregiver movie online.The movie has this very melodramatic aura that will totally break your heart and make your eyes leak every crying moments of the protagonists life.

Sarah Gonzales (Sharon Cuneta), a grade school English teacher, joins the 150,000 Pinoy OFWs working in the United Kingdom to support her husband, Teddy Gonzales (John Estrada) in making a better living for their family.
More than just a chronicle of the Filipinos experience working as nurses and caregivers in the UK, this story also charts Sarahs journey to self-discovery — from a submissive wife who makes sacrifices for her husbands aspirations to an empowered woman who finds dignity and pride in a humbling job as a Caregiver in London.


FREE to watch Caregiver movie online

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/pacquiao-vs-clottey-round-by-round_14.html[/postlink] So if you were able to watch the Manny Pacquiao Vs Joshua Clottey round by round you'll know who won by unanimous decision.The fight which lasted for 12 rounds made this big event worthwhile unlike the anticipated Pacquiao Vs Hatton which only lasted for 3-4 rounds.Its interesting how Clottey has withstand Manny Pacquiao's super punches although unfortunate for him he wasn't able to steal the title Pacquiao has been holding.Pacmom "Aling Dionisia Pacquiao" has predicted Manny's victory, and so with the millions of Filipinos who says Pacquiao is going to trample Clottey.

So you want to watch the Round By Round Replay Video of Pacquiao VS Clottey?

Pacquaio vs Clottey Replay Videos:

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Round 8

Round 9

Round 10

Round 11

Round 12


Pacquiao vs Clottey Round by Round Replay Video - Pacquiao Won!

[starttext]Good news to all interested filmmakers! Be part in creating the future of Philippine Cinema.

Cinema One has extended the deadline for submission of a full narrative feature script for the 2010 Cinema One Originals Digital Movie Festival. New and final deadline is set on March 17 (Wednesday).javascript:void(0)

Parties who are interested to join Cinema One’s digital movie competition, whether professional, amateur or veteran filmmakers, are required to submit a full narrative feature script. Entries may also include character and story descriptions as well as a detailed production team line-up.

Entries should be in hard copy or CD, sent via snail mail or submitted in person to the Cinema One Office at the 8th floor of the ELJ Communications Center, along Eugenio Lopez Drive, Quezon City.

Please look for Lani de Guzman from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6pm. Contact Lani at 4152272 local 3166 for details, guidelines and for entry forms.

Entry forms are available online at www.cinemaone.tv.

Cinema One Originals has produced critically-acclaimed, award-winning independent movies such as Confessional, Yanggaw, Rome & Juliet, Imburnal, Altar and Sa North Diversion Road, among many others which move beyond the boundaries of the mainstream and have earned , for Philippine cinema the global attention it deserves through awards from various international film festivals from the likes of Cinemanila International Film Festival, Singapore International Film Festival, Pusan International Film Festivals, New York International Independent Film and Video Festival and 10th Jeonju International Film Festival (IFF) in Korea, among others.

Popular website and film experts’ online haven, www.hollywoodreporter.com has in fact acknowledged Cinema One’s significant contribution to the upturn of the Philippine filmmaking industry which has made a strong comeback. In October 2009, well-known online international film critic Patrick Frater published an article titled “Manilla in it’s Moment”, where he wrote that a major influence in the “current boom” of Philippine filmmaking is ABS-CBN’s Cinema One movie cable channel which shows Filipino classics as well as commerical films from the past.

Since Filipino indie cinema has long been in what is described as a “dark tunnel”, the channel has also been noted to help emerging filmmakers through Cinema One Originals. It has also nurtured talents who have gone on to bigger projects and wider audiences and has contributed to closing the gap between commercial filmmaking and the more adventurous arthouse/indie approach.

Create your dream movie and be part of this year’s Cinema One Originals. Tune in to Cinema One for more details and updates. The Cinema One Originals project is an annual event of Cinema One owned by Creative Programs, Inc (CPI).

Cinema One Originals 2010: Extended!!

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/7th-golden-screen-awards-2010_13.html[/postlink] [starttext]The 7th Golden Screen Awards of Entertainment Press Society boasts for the most compelling stories in the Philippine Cinema.What's interesting is that Indie Films dominated the event!Awards night is scheduled late April 2010.

The Golden Screen’s Best Motion Picture (Drama) nominees are “In My Life,” Dukot” and Centerstage Productions and Swift Productions’ “Kinatay (The Execution of P),” all of which garnered a total of 11 nominations each.

The other interesting films nominated by Enpress members are “Engkwentro,” “Lola” and “Sagrada Familia.”

Battling it out for the Best Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy) are APT Entertainment’s “Ded na si Lolo,” Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival entry, “Last Supper No. 3,” “Kimmy Dora Kambal sa Kiyeme” and Star Cinema’s “You Changed My Life.”

The Best Director plum is being contested by Pepe Diokno (“Engkwentro”), Cathy Garcia Molina (“You Changed My Life”), Joel Lamangan (“Dukot”), Olivia Lamasan (“In My Life”), Brillante Mendoza (“Kinatay (The Execution of P” and “Lola”), and Soxie Topacio (“Ded na si Lolo”).

For the Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role (Drama), the following are nominated: Bea Alonzo (“And I Love You So”), Iza Calzado (“Dukot”), Rustica Carpio (“Lola”), Sharon Cuneta (“Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love”), Anita Linda (“Lola”), Lovi Poe (“Sagrada Familia”), Vilma Santos (“In My Life”) and Snooky Serna (“Sagrada Familia”).

For Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role (Musical or Comedy), the following are nominated: Gina Alajar (“Ded Na Si Lolo”), Eugene Domingo (“Kimmy Dora: Kambal sa Kiyeme”), Sarah Geronimo (“You Changed My Life”) and Elizabeth Oropesa (“Ded Na Si Lolo”).

The award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role (Drama) is being contested by John Lloyd Cruz (“In My Life”), Allen Dizon (“Dukot”), Emilio Garcia (“Sagrada Familia”), Coco Martin (“Kinatay (The Execution of P)”), Sam Milby (“And I Love You So”), Felix Roco (“Engkwentro”), Alfred Vargas (“Colorum”), and Lou Veloso (“Colorum”).

The award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role (Musical or Comedy) is a contest among John Lloyd Cruz (“You Changed My Life”), Joey Paras (“Last Supper No. 3”), and Roderick Paulate (“Ded Na Si Lolo”).

In the Breakthrough Performance (Female) category, none of those screened garnered sufficient rating to make the grade, hence the Golden Screen Awards decided not to name any finalist in the said category.

Getting the nod in Breakthrough Performance by an Actor category are Zyrus Desamparado (“Engkwentro”), Daniel Medrana (“Engkwentro”), Romelito Mallari (“Dinig Sana Kita”) and Chase Vega (“Agaton and Mindy”).

The other nominees are:

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role (Drama, Musical or Comedy)

Gina Alajar (“Dukot”), Gloria Diaz (“Sagrada Familia”), Heart Evangelista (“Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love”), Maria Isabel Lopez (“Kinatay (The Execution of P),” and Tessie Tomas (“Sanglaan”)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role (Drama, Musical or Comedy)

John Apacible (“Dukot”), Emilio Garcia (“Bente”), Jojit Lorenzo (“Last Supper No. 3”), Luis Manzano (“In My Life”), John Regala (“Kinatay (The Execution of P)”) and Dennis Trillo (“Mano Po 6: A Mother’s Love”)

Best Original Screenplay

Lynda Casimiro (“Lola”), Pepe Diokno (“Engkwentro”), Bonifacio Ilagan (“Dukot”), Armando Lao (“Kinatay (The Execution of P)”), Raymond Lee, Olivia Lamasan and Senedy Que (“In My Life”) and Soxie Topacio (“Ded na si Lolo”).

Best Cinematography

Monino Duque (“Dukot”), Odyssey Flores (“Lola”), Odyssey Flores (“Kinatay (The Execution of P)”), Manie Magbuan, Jr. (“Walang Hanggang Paalam”), Journalie Payonan, JR Rondina, Monching Mariano, Nelson Guzman, Silvestre Bonggay (“Sagrada Familia”) and Charlie Peralta (“In My Life”)

Best Editing

DannyAnonuevo (“Ded Na Si Lolo”), Bebs Gohetia (“Dukot”), Marya Ignacio (“In My Life”), Kats Serraon (“Kinatay (The Execution of P)”) and Kats Serraon (“Lola”).

Best Production Design
Edgar Martin Littaua (“Dukot”), Dante Mendoza (“Kinatay (The Execution of P)”), Dante Mendoza (“Lola”), Richard Somez (“Ang Panday”), Edel Templonuevo (“Ded Na Si Lolo”) and Elfren Vivar (“In My Life”).

Best Sound

Ditoy Aguila (“Ang Panday”), Albert Michael Idioma (“In My Life”), Albert Michael Idioma (“Kinatay The Execution of P)”), Mark Laccay (“Ded Na Si Lolo”), and Alfredo Ongleo (“Dukot”)

Best Musical Score

Teresa Barrozo (“Kinatay (The Execution of P)” ), Nonong Buencamino (“In My Life”), Noel Cabangon (“Ded Na Si Lolo”), Von de Guzman (“Ang Panday”), and Lucien Letabe (“Dukot”)

Best Original Song

“Ang Buhay Nga Naman,” lyrics, music and interpreted by Noel Cabangon, from the movie “Ded Na Si Lolo”
“Huling Hapunan,” lyrics by Divine Gil-Reyes, music by Dan Gil, interpreted by Manule Contreras Band with FABO, from the movie “Last Supper No. 3”
“Mahal Kita Habambuhay,” lyrics by Bonifacio Ilagan, music by Lucien Letaba, interpreted by Johnrey Fuertes, from the movie “Dukot”
“Sana Ako’y Marinig,” lyrics and music by Francisbrew Reyes and Nina Sandejas, interpreted by Zoe Sandejas, from the movie “Dinig Sana Kita”
“Tanging Ikaw,” words and music by Ogie Alcasid, interpreted by Ogie Alcasid, from the movie “Ang Panday”

Best Visual Effects

Imaginary Friends (“Ang Darling Kong Aswang”), Jay Santiago (“Ang Panday”), and Sidearm, Riot, Imaginary Friends, Digital Dodge (“Shake, Rattle & Roll XI”).


7th Golden Screen Awards 2010

[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/free-to-watch-miss-you-like-crazy-movie.html[/postlink]  [starttext]

This is it, the long wait is over.Miss You like Crazy has leaked on Youtube already.It was set secured though but, we always make sure that everybody could watch that's why we have the full-length movie of Miss You like crazy.

Catch the grand online premiere of Miss You Like Crazy after leaking in the net.WATCH MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY MOVIE ONLINE FOR FREE.Feel free to browse this site for more Miss you like crazy movie updates.The high quality video of the movie is now available -credits to an anonymous commenter.

The movie might not premiered here first, but we are quite responsible for having it disseminated.If the others can watch, so why not you and I here on Pinoy Movie Express.

Optional: Now that we have proved to you once again that we are one reliable site! You might as well subscribe to us, follow here via blogger or be a fan on facebook.

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The story is a flashback of the five years (2005 to 2010) of love affair involving the characters of Allan Alvarez (John Lloyd Cruz) and Mia Samonte (Bea Alonzo). The opening scene was in a Pasig River ferry boat. One of the passenger, Allan, was sad and confused if he really loved his then live-in partner, Daphne Recto (Maricar Reyes). While another passenger, Mia, was downtrodden by family problems. To express her heartaches, Bea would write messages on stones and would leave them anywhere, Allan picked up one of those, they got acquainted and their romantic story began.

Later, in one of their trysts they met an old man (Noel Trinidad) in Paco Park who predicted that they were meant for each other and would end up together although it would take a difficult five-year ride.

Allan was torn between two loves. Although he knew that he loved Mia more, he procrastinated in his choice. Mia left for Malaysia. Two years after, when John Lloyd finally broke free from his indecision, he went to Malaysia to look for Mia only to find out that she was already engaged to another guy. I was now Mia's turn to make a choice. She chose the new guy who loved her so much even though she honestly knew in her heart that she still loved Allan.

Allan did not lose hope. He patiently waited for Mia for another three years. He firmly believed that she would come back to him as predicted by the old man earlier in the story. True enough, the Malaysian guy let Mia go as he was aware of who Mia truly wanted. On the very same date foreseen by the old man, Mia returned to the Philippines, saw Allan waiting for her, and embraced each other.


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Fantastic Man is about Fredo (Vic Sotto), a naive and gawky laboratory assistant to Professor Manalo (Michael V.). Fredo is also the professor's regular guniea pig for his experiments which are often disastrous to any human being. Then one time a librarian, Helen (Ara Mina)who is frustrated super hero wanabe, tells both Fredo and Prof. Manalo about an article she read of an orb located in Intramuros that was said to give out powers to whoever posesses it. They all journeyed to Intramuros in search for the orb and found inside a dead alien's body. Because of Fredo's clumsiness, the orb got lost. But it actually went into Fredo's shirt pocket. He then absorbs all the powers when he accidentally touched the orb and he became Fantastic Man! With superpowers, transformations and quickness can Fantastic Man save his town in the hands of his arch-enemy Diabolica (Ara Mina) whose powers can absorb almost anything?

As a young boy, Fredo lived happily in the province with his parents Danny and Linda, together with his Lola Cedes, until his simple life was shattered when a group of armed bandits abducted his father and killed his mother. Fredo was raised alone by his Lola Cedes, who eventually turned senile and got lost when they moved to the city.

In search of his Lola Cedes in the cruel city, Fredo meets new friends but also has a close brush with death in the hands of a ruthless syndicate. Left almost lifeless from a deadly beating, Fredo is rescued by Prof. Manalo, a scientist who invented the healing machine called the Regenerator. Fredo becomes the first "guinea pig" of the breakthrough healing machine and surprisingly acquires super-human powers. This fateful experience transforms the once helpless Fredo into an invincible crime-buster with extraordinary abilities and power.[endtext]

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Agent X44 is a comedy movie about special trained agents.Starring Vhong Navarro as Agent X44, he will make us all crack out loud on this movie.Opened the year 2007 with a bang...Star Cinema proudly brings
the dashingest debonair...the sexiest spy...the one and only...AGENT X44!

King (Navarro) is the best friend of Anton (Mura), who is the son of Tony Falcon. As the two boys grow up, the differences between them is palpable. It becomes clear that although he is the smaller one, Anton is the smarter of the two. King has a visual impairment wherein he cannot see the letter ‘A.’ This becomes an impediment for his academic success. On the other hand, King is the master retriever; i.e. he can retrieve anything that’s lost.
Ever since he was a child, King’s idol has been his ninong Tony. He also wants to be a secret agent. Anton also wants to be an agent, but Tony is always discouraging him because he fears his son might be put in danger.
King takes up law and passes the agency’s qualifying exams. In the agency, he meets Mary Grace (Mariel),another neophyte agent. She develops a crush on King, but keeps it to herself. She is convinced that he is a playboy. She decides to take the West Point training being offered to her, and leaves the country feeling bitter about King.
When she returns from her training, Mary Grace immediately becomes the #1 agent in the country. King is given three cases to solve, but he fails each and every one of them. The agency demoted him to a clerical job. He longs to be given some fieldwork, but the agency will hear none of it… until Magellan’s dagger is reported stolen.
Being the top agent, Mary Grace expects the high-profile mission to be assigned to her. Thus, she is shocked when Tony Falcon pushes that King is the best agent for the mission. With the help of Anton, King nearly gets the dagger but he loses it again. Disappointed with King, Tony gets depressed and accidentally falls into a manhole. Cynthia (Pokwang), the agency head, decides to take King out of the mission.
During Tony’s wake, the ghost of Tony Falcon appears to her, telling her to put King back in the mission. Cynthia decides to pair King with Mary Grace to retrieve the dagger for the final time. Will King be able to retrieve the dagger, and will he be able to retrieve Mary Grace’s love for him?


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[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/watch-kamoteng-kahoy-online.html[/postlink] If there is any story that will break your heart this is just one of the best.A 2009 Filipino Drama movie based on a true to life story.Watch Kamoteng Kahoy Online.Answers don’t come easy, but in the end redemption arrives for every soul in this town in the form of a final climatic event.This Tagalog movie is a must watch film.


This is based on a true story which happened in a small barrio in Bohol in 2005. 21 pupils died and almost a 100 were hospitalized after eating cassava cakes sold by an old woman, who might have accidentally used pesticide in her ingredients. She has been selling cassava cakes in that school, and has a loving relationship with the children.
The film follows a town from painful trauma towards healing through the undercutting points of view of 2 of the child survivors, and the old woman vendor. The two children survivors, in their own beguiling yet perceptive ways, slowly learn the issue of crime, prejudice and compassion as they develop friendship and accept their loss. The old woman, who is ostracized and condemned by the entire town, even by her own family, finally makes sense of the whole tragic thing and takes matters in her own hand.


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