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Agent X44 is a comedy movie about special trained agents.Starring Vhong Navarro as Agent X44, he will make us all crack out loud on this movie.Opened the year 2007 with a bang...Star Cinema proudly brings
the dashingest debonair...the sexiest spy...the one and only...AGENT X44!

King (Navarro) is the best friend of Anton (Mura), who is the son of Tony Falcon. As the two boys grow up, the differences between them is palpable. It becomes clear that although he is the smaller one, Anton is the smarter of the two. King has a visual impairment wherein he cannot see the letter ‘A.’ This becomes an impediment for his academic success. On the other hand, King is the master retriever; i.e. he can retrieve anything that’s lost.
Ever since he was a child, King’s idol has been his ninong Tony. He also wants to be a secret agent. Anton also wants to be an agent, but Tony is always discouraging him because he fears his son might be put in danger.
King takes up law and passes the agency’s qualifying exams. In the agency, he meets Mary Grace (Mariel),another neophyte agent. She develops a crush on King, but keeps it to herself. She is convinced that he is a playboy. She decides to take the West Point training being offered to her, and leaves the country feeling bitter about King.
When she returns from her training, Mary Grace immediately becomes the #1 agent in the country. King is given three cases to solve, but he fails each and every one of them. The agency demoted him to a clerical job. He longs to be given some fieldwork, but the agency will hear none of it… until Magellan’s dagger is reported stolen.
Being the top agent, Mary Grace expects the high-profile mission to be assigned to her. Thus, she is shocked when Tony Falcon pushes that King is the best agent for the mission. With the help of Anton, King nearly gets the dagger but he loses it again. Disappointed with King, Tony gets depressed and accidentally falls into a manhole. Cynthia (Pokwang), the agency head, decides to take King out of the mission.
During Tony’s wake, the ghost of Tony Falcon appears to her, telling her to put King back in the mission. Cynthia decides to pair King with Mary Grace to retrieve the dagger for the final time. Will King be able to retrieve the dagger, and will he be able to retrieve Mary Grace’s love for him?


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