Apat Dapat Dapat Apat

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[postlink]http://pinoymoviexpress.blogspot.com/2010/03/apat-dapat-dapat-apat.html[/postlink] Watch Apat Dapat Dapat Apat Movie Online.The foursome comedy reunion of the biggest female comedian in the country.Apat Dapat Dapat Apat is a filipino comedy movie about valuing true friendship that ties between 4 awesome friends.

Their friendship starts with a life-threatening event. That day, the young BRITE (Ruffa Mae Quinto), DOLLY (Eugene Domingo), GAY (Pokwang) and RES (Candy Pangilinan) are riding on the same bus that nearly falls off the cliff. Thank God, they are miraculously saved and the four young girls vow to stay friends for life … and in death! Together, forever!
Several years after, we find the four still very much friends with each other in a lower middle-class barangay. Brite now owns a tutoring center, Dolly is a struggling piano teacher living with her good for nothing boyfriend, Gay is a separated MMDA and Res, is now a full-time housewife living with her two kids and perpetually bum husband, Totoy Bato (DJ Durano).
Life has been so hard that Brite suggests they work abroad to earn more money. The three of them agreed except for Res who is quite hesitant about the idea. But perhaps it is their fate to stick together. Res’ corrupt and “pasaway” parents and brothers are all locked up in a jail, so she has no options left but to join her friends to bail them out. Totoy Bato allows Res to go with her friends in one condition: that she goes back to him safely after six months of working abroad.
Upon arriving in Hongkong, their employers pick them up. Brite has a handsome employer who asks her to care for an old bedridden lady who’s surprisingly the girlfriend of his employer. Gay has an Indian employer. Her only task is to wash his family’s turbans. Gay at first thinks it is such an easy job until she finds out that the turbans are exaggeratedly long, enough to bury her alive.
Dolly has a German employer who asks her to baby-sit his three children with German measles. And Res has an Asian employer who unfortunately locks her inside a room, never gives her any food, and physically abuses her.
Every Sunday, OFWs meet at a certain park. That day, the three wait for Res, but their friend didn’t show up. They have no idea has been happening to her until they find out that Res has died. Starving for several days, Res ate all her amo’s goldfish and as a punishment was beaten ala-Flor Contemplacion. Afraid that Totoy Bato would kill them if he finds out about Res’ fate, they decide to bring Res home “alive” at all cost!
Will the three friends get away with their modus operandi? Will Res finally rest in peace? As things get topsy-turvy, the more the story gets riotously funny with Brite, Dolly Gay and their friend, Res.


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