Jacque Bermejo Betrayed Philippines

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This post might be totally out of bounds because this is supposed to be a movie blog and all.But alongside with our special feature yesterday about Typhoon Ondoy Hitting Philippines is an issue about a filipina who seems to hate the land where she came from.

WIKI: Who the hell is Jacque Bermejo anyway?

Joan Bermejo is a pinay(if you still consider her) staying in Dubai.Her name became a popular trend because of what she has stated on her facebook account.Now she is referred to as dumbest Pinay.I don't think she's enjoying her popularity because her life is at risk, I guess.People wishes her dead and all those crappy rants.People wanted her to be persona non grata.Jacqueline Bermejo is a Marketing and PR Officer based in Dubai.Yes she's an educated woman, but with what she has done? I have doubts if she really passed College.Sayang UP ka pa naman.

Well. on her multiply site she describes herself as "..starfishes have no brain...maybe that's why i'm like this...".Yeah! Jackie. . I agree with you.

On Jacque Bermejo's facebook account she wrote on her status : "buti n lng am hir in dubai! maybe so many sinners back der! so yeah deserving what happened!".Notwithstanding her side, my initial reaction about this matter is of course, I got mad and it saddens at the same time.How can you say that to your own country?You've betrayed Philippines-and I hate you for that.

After several responses on her goddamn status she replies "cuz of u dnt understand!!!judge me sige!!! kya ala kayong asenso.even nature now is making statement big time!!!"

After that my ears rang like hell and I deliberately said -"What an insolent gold-digger, nakaabroad lang para nang kung sino, tandaan and di marunong lumingon sa pinangalingan -nadadapa!".

Like me, many people had stated their left-handed insights,anger and hatred to Jacque.But of course, we really had to hear her side!!!Otherwise, wala tayong pinagkaiba sa kanya.

There was this statement from his brother,IDK.But he keeps on insisting that his sister's fb account is hacked and all.Let's not get much in to it, let the NBI do their jobs.Though,you can rant down anything below.


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