Hotel 626 Movie Concept

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One of the scariest website in the net,Hotel 626 surely has gone too far when it comes to visits.People tend to face there fears online with an action-packed heart-pumping game that will surely make your helpless heartbeat stop for awhile.Now, it might turn out that I'm apparently starting a rumor but the game is so ideal for a movie.And as promised, as part of our monthly movie concepts for film makers.Making a movie out of one of the most popular games in the net is so damn ideal.

Hotel 626 movie? Hotel 626 for a movie? perhaps, if you wanted it to be adapted into a movie then someone might get interested.Hey!~if you're interested then maybe you owe me a little.Contact me okay?ahaha. Isn't it going to be a one heck of a flick if so?I personally believe just by hearing of it many people will surely raise their thumbs up and get so gaga over it,especially those who really wanted to face their fears.

 The scariest part of the game for me is the actually the second one "She lives in the darkness -show her the light".It's too goddamn creepy and it did made me scream after giving the creepy lady a shot.The bathroom is eerie that the hair behind my back stood up.Goosebumps!

Suggested synopsis "Mark works as a call center agent and was designated on a far away city from his hometown after being promoted at work.And so he has to find a place for shelter by nightfall, along the way he found a 5 star hotel where he has decided to stay.On Mark's first stay in the hotel, everything seemed fine.But on the second day, he started sensing malevolent presence.Nightly he encounters deadly nightmares but he kept on ignoring it.He went next door to ask if the person is experiencing the same the next morning.There he meets Stan.Stan is a freelance photojournalist in a nearby office.He shared his experience on his first 5 months of staying in the hotel and it was indeed bothering.Swirling mists of black tinted his dreams with cries and screams but he didn't budge and kept on ignoring it because he's afraid that nobody will believe him.Convinced that he's not the only one who experiences whatever is it.Together they tried to wander the hotel in search for hints,clues and answer.But they found nothing.They surveyed the workers on the hotel but nobody believed them except for one -Andrew.Andrew is in charge of the maintenance tasks in the hotel.As soon as Mark and Stan has asked him about the horrors cloaking the hotel he then reveals that "the hotel is haunted and all."

Another ordinary day for Mark when he woke up.Just the same old boring Saturday morning routine.Someone knocks, thought it was Stan so he paced forward the door to open it.When he opened it, nobody's there.He sadistically shut the door and found himself panting.Another knock, and his heart started pumping.Slowly he grasped the doorknob,twisted and asks "Who's there?".Nobody answered.He gathered himself up,grabs a vase and opened the door.Stan was there,together with a beauty."Are you going to kill us?"says Stan.Mark stammered and blushed.

Stan introduces Mark to Lian Mendez.Lian, is Stan's cousin.She occasionally visits Stan which also depends on the request of Stan's mother.Mark gets along with Lian and  love bloomed.Weeks passed by,Mark couldn't take it any longer.He think he's cursed, plagued by nightmares and evil spirits.He has to move otherwise suffer the rest of his life.He went to Stan to convince him.Stan asks Lian if there's an available condominium for rent on Lian's place.Everything seemed right and finally -Mark and Stan were both relieved.

Moving on by daylight, Mark was busy packing up.Lian buzzed Mark and they chewed the fat.The conversation was filled of sweet thoughts and romances.Until Mark felt the eeriness of his room.The lights were flickering. . .turning on and off,on and off and on and off.He suddenly hears indistinct noises from outside.He was too scared to check it out.He told Lian that he'll call her later and turn the call off..He was panting.The lights were on again and he calmed down.He dropped himself on the bed and got spaced out.His eyes went across the glow-in-the-dark stickers pasted on the ceiling.It's glowing.It's beautiful he said.He wondered "If the lights were on,how come the stickers glow?".He suddenly felt that something strange is going on.He was about to rise on bed but he couldn't."Now, that's weird!" he exclaimed.With all his strength he tried pushing himself up but he failed.His peripheral vision started to see clouds of darkness.Thick,black,smog sooner passed him out.

Unconscious,Mark laid on his bed.Half-hidden by perpetual darkness it was like a storm had gone its way inside his room.The door was ajar and so as the window.Papers are everywhere.Deafen by silence, Mark got up in bed.He tries to figure out what happened.He turned on the lamp beside his digital clock,jumps out of bed and grabs his shirt.He hurriedly wears it as if someone's following him."What's goin on? Damn it" he said.He opened the door and . . .

one is not like the other

It feels as if he's the only one inside the Hotel.So he decided to walk a few steps The lights were flickering again.He stopped, looked at the flickering fluorescent light above him and it exploded!He got nervous and so he ran on the hallway.On his way he was reminded of Stan."Where the heck is he?".He was so clueless where the heck are everybody.He was about to reached Stan's room when a cloud of darkness blocked the way.Right on his foot he saw a video camera. . "Hey, this is Stan's?".Darkness started to come closer to him,it's like its going to eat him alive.He promptly opened the door next to him -the CR.

She lives in darkness show her the life

Inside the CR, it's totally dark.He turned on the video cam and a beam of light gave sight to his teary eyes.Suddenly he felt a cold air that passed behind him.A screechy voice was chuckling,whispering,telling him something and all that he couldn't understand."Who's there?".He gave it a shot!He saw a ghostly figure on the camera.He began shaking,and shouted "Who are you?" which echoed.The ghostly figure started laughing in a very high-pitched voice.Who ever you are, I'm not afraid of you -he says.He took another shot and another after another.On his 5th shot he was aback of what he has seen, a lady wearing a chambermaid's dress.He wasn't able to see her face because she's too quick.Another shot, but he fails.The video cam alarmed him that it's about to be emptied of battery.One last shot and he. . . . . .

Hey, I think I'm going to far. . you know what's next if you've played the game!!Well, perhaps that's all I could offer for the movie concept.Or perhaps I might just want to continue the story by tomorrow. . check back soon for more updates about the movie.Though you can also suggest and you may also like to continue the story.Come on now and please have your say!!!Don't forget to follow or to subscribe okay?


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