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[postlink][/postlink] If there is anything that you can do in order to know the life of Dr. Jose Rizal it is only to Watch Jose Rizal Movie Online that you will understand the "Talambuhay ni Jose Rizal" in as much as you may know the "Talumpati ni Jose Rizal".On this movie, Jose Rizal despite the flopping of historical films in the late 90's Gma films had released one of the best movies in the entire generation of pinoy movies.

Based on a true story, a story we filipinos knew since childhood.A story about a man who risked his life and told people about how it has been one of the greatest journey of all.Watch Jose Rizal Movie Online - a historical film that will zap you into the hispanic times where the spaniards had once ruled over Philippines.

What matter death if one dies for what one loves, for native land and cherished ones?

“Jose Rizal” is considered the biggest blockbuster film ever made in the history of Philippine cinema.

Directed by Marilou Diaz Abaya (UP graduate and London trained director) under GMA Films, this movie won over 70 international awards, including 16 awards from the 1998 Metro Manila Film Festival, 11 awards from the 1999 FAMAS Awards, 6 awards from the 1999 Gawad Urian Awards, 8 from the 1999 Star Awards for Movies and various awards from different film festivals worldwide like the Berlin International and Toronto Film Festivals.

Multi-awarded actor Cesar Montano stars as Jose Rizal, who was able to give justice to our National hero as he played the role perfectly.

Other equally good actors and actresses like Joel Torre, Gloria Diaz, Chin-Chin Gutierrez, Monique Wilson and many more have contributed to making the film truly spectacular.

A true gift in the Centenary year of Philippine Independence (the film was released in 1998) to all Filipinos around the world.

Directed by Marilou Diaz-Abaya

A collonial film.Watch it now!!


Accused of treason, Dr. José Rizal (Cesar Montano) awaits trial and meets with his government-appointed counsel, Luis Taviel de Andrade (Jaime Fabregas).
The two build the case and arguments for the defense as significant events in the central figure's life prior to his incarceration unfold. Upon hearing his life story, Taviel begins to realize that the accused is not only innocent but exhibits in fact all the qualities of an ordinary man. When the mock trial unreels, Taviel is all set to act as the prime advocate for his client as Rizal himself is about to give an earth-moving speech to defend his honor and address his countrymen.
Meanwhile, the Spanish authorities have worked out the vast political machinery to ensure a guilty verdict. A revolution awaits in the wings. Blood is shed when the Katipunan, founded by Andres Bonifacio (Gardo Versoza), attacks the Spaniards.


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