10 Reasons Why Watch Tagalog Movies at Pinoy Movie Express?

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With about 3,730,000 results on the keyword "Tagalog Movies" on Google, we hasn't been on the top nor have we been into the front page.For several reasons, we are not well indexed and for two months now have been receiving ban notifications from our advertisers.But that's not your problem and that's not what I'm going to talk about here.

This is with regards to an advertising policy that I am required to write about something related to my sites content.So what are the reasons to why you should watch tagalog movies at pinoy movie express?

1. While it is prohibited to pirate copyrighted materials we were able to deliver you these pinoy movies online, without even violating any copyright laws. Why is that? Personally, we live up and this site started to be just a site sharing video files uploaded randomly by users on chat,forums and even other sites of the same type. Therefore, we take no claim for uploading any of the videos here. It's the same as sharing a video of a full-length movie on facebook and nothing more!

2. Pinoy Movie Express has a trusted name - yes! despite the very fact that we have been receiving left handed comments and rants.We remained cool and patient! Patience is truly a virtue and just like in the movie Petrang Kabayo it took us a lot of time and effort just to share to you the video link.Since the video was encrypted and have gone through a lot of privatization so as it will be exclusive on a particular site we don't want to mention. (Ang damot nila!)

3. Most of our movies are of high quality - we are not responsible of why these HQ videos had leaked though but we assure you that we didn't failed to ask permission from the uploader to distribute the film through sharing it on this blogsite. You can watch up to 30 movies in High Quality, unlike some other sites who sucks in providing hq movies.

4. We have a user-friendly theme - I know how the site looked plain with the colors black,white and different shadows of blue.But I think, on a personal viewpoint that it looked cool than before.Yes we do have a user friendly theme - we are though currently working on the homepage since we have to input some codes manually to make the theme load fast.As of now you can access great movies through browsing them via categories/genres and search feature on the sidebar.We will soon provide links on HQ movies on the homepage so be sure to bookmark our site always.The trailer on the homepage will be replaced with a full movie as well.

5. We TEASE! - Yes, we have been delivering the best out of every upcoming movies - the trailer.Even old trailers - we publish a trailer as soon as we have a copy of the movie in our hands.

6. We talk - We are approachable enough to please use the contact page/comments or the chatbox to ask and we will respond asap!

7. We existed for 1 year already - we never really celebrated our anniversary here since we almost planned to provide and upload a movie but with the fear of getting sued.Haha! We opted to just forget about the blogoversary and head over with what we usually do.

8. We are being spied - I don't know why but I always have this feeling that other sites had been raising a brow on us because we always get what they have. Not that we steal but for as long as they will be able to provide something online - we will go through lots and lots of challenge and efforts just to give you want you want.Haha!

9. We receive the best comments - It's working! Thanks! Thank you! in as much as I wanted to paste these kind of comments from disqus I find it tiresome. :p Sorry and thank you for all the overwhelming comments we're not even expecting of.Thank you even though we do not deserve them because after all, we do not own nor we have uploaded the movies on this blog.

10. Unlike any pinoy movie website that offers free tagalog movies online - we inform! We don't just sit and copy official synopsis, news and infos about movie. We research, share, rephrase, learn, talk, inform, comment and write about pinoy movies.


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