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[postlink][/postlink] You are the one movie to brighten up your Valentines.Watch You Are the One Movie Online.A Filipino romantic movie about the insanities that comes with love, the impossibilities to be hurdled to make love happen and the self-confidence we all need to make love work.Tagalog movies online!

Sally Malasmas (Toni Gonzaga) applies for a US visa. There she meets the young and dashing vice-consul Will Derby (Sam Milby) with a wide, warm and inviting smile.
Sally feels it’s her lucky day! But Will thinks Sally does not have enough ties to the Philippines that will make her come back. He denies her visa, beams one last sweet smile at her and turns his back before she could protest. It isn’t Sally’s lucky day anymore.
Sally Malasmas is a Care Officer at the National Statistics Office. She’s smart and is a genuinely caring person who always has a hand to help other people. But despite her capabilities, Sally feels insecure of her older sister Charry whom she feels her parents always favored and always outperformed her. And in love, Sally tends to be needy and clingy.
Her parents and only sister have all migrated to the United States to embrace the ‘American Dream’. But for Sally, the Philippines is where she wants to be. Will Derby is a dashing vice-consul from the United States Embassy in Manila. He grew up in pre-dominantly white North Dakota where very few Filipinos live. But Will is not an American. He’s a Filipino adopted by an old American couple. He would have avoided being posted in the Philippines, a place he doesn’t like very much, if he could. But a promise to his mother to search for his real parents made him not to.
Will has always lived a life of incompleteness and unbelongingness. Even his relationships are fleeting until he meets Sally. Sally is only forced to apply for a US Visa because her sick mom who refuses to come home needs care. So for Sally, how could Mr. Derby think she’s another TNT when she never ever dreamed of going to the land of milk and honey?! She is definitely insulted. And too bad she initially thought he’s gorgeous.
To make things worse, Will decides to finally try searching for his parents. He goes to the NSO to look for his original birth certificate. Fate plays a trick and makes Sally and Will meet again. She seeks revenge and makes him wait all afternoon for his document. But her ploy fires back as her boss catches her.
him to places, from the rugged Tondo to a town fiesta in Pampanga, just to find his parents. As they inch nearer and nearer to where his parents are, they also get closer and closer to each other. And after several experiences together, from getting caught by the police in a gambling house to the more intimate fiesta plaza dance, their initial attraction becomes real, though unconfessed, love. Will Mr. Derby finally discover where his real parents are? And with his posting in Manila about to end, will he find another reason to stay? Will there be a chance for Sally and Will’s Love to bloom? And if there is, will they have the courage to admit it’s each other that they need?


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