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My Bestfriend's Girlfriend is a movie you shouldn't miss.Watch My Bestfriend's Girlfriend movie online.Watch it for free -My Bestfriend's girlfriend is a romantic comedy flick starring Marian Rivera and Richard Guiterrez.

Richard is a spoiled happy go lucky guy who finds it hard to appreciate the refined interests of his “sosyal” and cultured girlfriend (Isabel). One day, Richard attends a stag party of his friend and Marianne pops out of a cake. (Marianne was only a stand in for that gig…she does not really dance at stag parties except this one instance due to money problems.) Being drunk, he hounds her and kisses her and is surprised when she slaps him. She storms out of the stag party but not before demanding full payment for her services.

Meanwhile, Mark (Richard’s best friend from childhood) comes home from a month long trip from the US . He reveals to Richard that he has a girlfriend but he is not ready to introduce her to his other friends and family because he is ashamed of her lower social status. But he tells Richard that his girlfriend is a very decent girl and that he will introduce her to him. When they are introduced, Richard is shocked to find out that Marianne is the girlfriend of Mark! He does not reveal to Mark, though, that Marianne was the stripper at the stag party he attended. But deep inside, he doubts whether Marianne is being honest and transparent to Mark about her real character. Richard bides his time and decides to probe some more about Marianne’s true character before blowing her cover. Marianne, on the other hand, is nervous because she is afraid that Richard might reveal her secret to Mark.

News of the stag party incident reaches Isabel and she breaks up with Richard. Richard’s ego is hurt and he vows to do whatever it takes to win back Isabel. Mark suggests that he get a girl to pose as his new girlfriend to make Isabel jealous.

When Mark flies back to the US to finish some business deals, Richard decides to blackmail Marianne into pretending to be his gf to make Isabel jealous. He tells her that he will tell Mark about the stag party incident if she does not cooperate. Marianne, scared to lose Mark, knows that no amount of reasoning will convince Richard at this point that what she did was only out of desperation so she reluctantly agrees.

SO the charades begin. Once Richard and Marianne spend more time together, they slowly find out that they share the same interests…and they get to know each other more deeply. Soon, without meaning to, they fall in love. But their plan backfires and Isabel decides to run back to Richard. More problems arise when Mark comes home and finds out about what Richard and Marianne did.

Will Richard and Marianne stand up for their love even though they might hurt the people they value?
How will their love story end?


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