The RPG Metanoia Movie (2010)

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[postlink][/postlink] The RPG Metanoia Movie (2010) is an upcoming Filipino 3D animated film about a modern Pinoy kid who’s fond of online games.RPG movie is by far going to be the most anticipated film after 4 years in the making of full 3D animated films.

Star Cinema partners with Ambient Media on the phenomenal first Philippine full 3D animated film entitled "RPG Metanoia".The movie's lead character will be dubbed by Zaijan Jaranilla alongside a powerhouse cast which consists the biggest name in showbizness.Along Zaijan who will be dubbing Nico(RPG Metanoia’s lead star) is Mica Dela Cruz who will dub the character of Zaijan's interest.

Interestingly, the voices of Aga Muhlach will be featured as Zaijan's dad in the film.While Eugene Domingo will play as the mom and Vhong Navarro is also said to play the protagonist of the film.Well he is the avatar of Nico.

The movie ia about a modern pinoy kid who's fond of online games, will be zapped into a virtual world together with his friends and will journey with them in an adventure of a lifetime.This is a must see film since it's Philippines first.

The Cast of Characters of RPG

Nico - the vagabond traveler and is to be played by Zaijan.He is described as a common enough boy with an uncommon heart.Nico's avatar is Zero a mysterious individual who wanders from town to town and is a troublesome one.

Sargo -  to be played by Vhong Navarro, a cold, calculating and precise vagabond traveler who is said to be Metanoia's most powerful netizen.

Mark - is a folk hero, of all he is the heartthrob character a chick boy and will totally wow you with his avatar Adhonis

Daniel - with the Chi master avatar named K'mao.Daniel is the quintessential strong and silent type.His looks reminds me well of Naruto's Shikamaru.

Bryan - is the de facto leader of the barkada and is Nico's best pal.Smart, tough and confident he looks out for the members of his group.His game avatar is Mang Ernie, a spiritist,rogue shaman,monster hunter,occult expert and a business man on the making.

Bubby - the chub, damulag type of character.He is bubbly as he sounds like.He stutters a lot but loyal and stalwart friend.His game avatar is Sumpak - a weapon expert.

May - is the rose above the thorns.She is every school boy's dream girl.Someone who can put bullies down and with her avatar C4SS4NDR4 you'd probably ask me if she's a really she's the beast master in the game.

To get to know more about the characters visit the official website:

RPG Movie Metanoia Downloadable Movie Posters/Wallpapers.

I've got my hand on the downloadable movie posters/wallpapers of RPG movie.You can download some of here since I do not own them, you can head to the official site and download more of them there.


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