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[postlink][/postlink] Resiklo Movie - 2021, the not too distant future. A global devastation that was brought about by an alien invasion has left the whole planet in shambles.Watch Resiklo Movie Online.Free Tagalog films -the acclaimed pinoy transformers.

Resiklo is a sci-fi flick about the future where aliens are enslaving humans, though not without some resistance. The plot involves resistance in the Philipines, where hero-type Commander Crisval is much feared and despised by the invaders. Part "Road Warrior", part "Transformers",, well a few other familiar movies came to mind while watching it, Resiklo is not bad for a Filipino movie, if you've seen many recently. The title, which means "recycle", seems to have ecological significance, but don't as me to explain. In spite of violent themes, this is basically a family movie, one the middle school boys might enjoy. While not up to American standards, the special effects are not bad. Some of the corniest aspects of the movie come from its desire to have "cool" dialog; this made the movie more entertaining, but not the way the producers had intended.


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