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[postlink][/postlink] Himala ("Miracle") is an award-winning Filipino film directed by the late Philippine National Artist Ishmael Bernal. Watch Himala Movie Online.The film's screenwriter and cinematographer were multi-award winner Ricky Lee and Sergio Lobo, respectively. Based on a 1967 incident and news report, Himala was filmed entirely in the most arid Philippine tourist spots in Ilocos Norte, in just three weeks and with a budget of only PhP 3 million. The movie premiered at the 1982 Metro Manila Film Festival, and in 1983, it became the first – and so far the only – Filipino film to be included in the "Competition Section" of the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival. Since then, Himala has been exhibited in a number of film festivals around the world.

The setting is a small town named Cupang, a community set in an arid landscape. The lack of water is believed by the town to be due to a curse placed on them for driving away a diseased person years before. Elsa "sees" the Blessed Virgin Mary atop a barren hill. She begins to heal Cupang's residents and she is associated by friends, Chayong and Sepa. Lots of tourists come to Cupang to visit what is now called "Elsa's Shrine." At the same time, greed works. Cupang's residents started businesses for the tourist's money.

Orlie, a filmmaker, arrives to investigate Elsa. Nimia, Elsa's childhood friend now a prostitute, returns haunted by Manila's darkness. She builds a cabaret for the tourists. The cabaret closes because a resident complains. Elsa and Chayong were raped on the hill and Orlie filmed it without giving help. There was a cholera epidemic with Sepa's children dying because of it. Chayong hanged herself because of the rape. Elsa blamed herself for all of the deaths.

Tourists left because of the deaths and because of a Chinese businessman's murder. Elsa became pregnant, and this was proclaimed as "The Immaculate Conception" (Elsa conceiving a child without a father, but this was due to her rape). The rain convinced the people that the miracle has returned and the curse was lifted. Elsa called all the people to an assembly on the hill and a big crowd arrived before her. Elsa then confessed that there are no miracles, no appearances of the Virgin Mary and no visions and that people are the ones who make up gods, miracles, curses and such. Elsa was shot by a man in the middle of her confession in front of the crowd. A stampede ensues and the old and infirm who came to be healed are crushed in the mass hysteria. Blood and death are all over the hill. Elsa dies in her mother's arms and her body was taken to the hospital. The people were then led in praying the Hail Mary on their knees while going up the hill.


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