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Scorpio Nights (1985) is undoubtedly the best filipino bold movie/film which remained popular up to this very date.And its probably the only great tagalog bold movie and for by saying so,though I haven't got a single flick of this movie yet,nothing can surpass what Regal Films and Peque Gallaga has brought to the silverscreen way back in the 90's.

Above is just the trailer of the movie Scorpio Nights 2,scroll down to. . .watch the full movie online!

Why this movie Became So Popular?

This movie,as you may notice is currently the most search filipino bold movie in the net.In fact,you can see the suggestion box below to see how many followed the suggestion "Scorpio Nights 1 or 2".

This movie became highly controversial and extremely sexy movie because it does not only offer enticing scenes for lusty viewers out there but also because of its story.The story made the movie so popular . . .

According to Wikipedia Scorpio Nights is a story of a forbidden love affair between a college student (Daniel Fernando) and a traitorous housewife (Ana Marie Gutierrez).The belief at the time was that this movie was approved, uncut, for release by the Marcos administration as a way of distracting the restless public from joining anti-government efforts.The flick dramatized not only the concept of loveless sex but also Filipino life in poverty and the efforts of the poor to gain the most pleasure out of a difficult existence.

Synopsis:In a crowded, multi-appartment house, a young student peeps on his neighbours making love and subsequently develops a steamy affair with the neighbour's wife. The affair slowly becomes an obsession and spins out of control.
As I was searching for the video file of this movie,I chanced upon a review of this movie,which has pooled out some great comments about it.On the other hand at IMDB -a user commented and I quote. . 

Its rare that movies with a sexual component are both interesting on the human level and interesting on the sexual level. Most directors seem to crank out indifferent stories that are merely excuses for bad soft core sex. This movie on the other hand is completely different it has hot encounters and more importantly people you care about.

Set in an apartment house in Manila where no one has any real privacy. The rooms are small and the construction is such that you can often see into your neighbors homes. A young tenant notices the activities of his down stairs neighbors through a hole in the floor. Smitten he watches the nightly routine of the husband coming home, eating dinner and then crawling into bed with his sleeping wife. It isn't long before he's managed to work his way into the heart of the woman below and started a torrid affair.

Well done across the board this is the type of story that could have been over done, instead its all played very real (In an interview the director said that he's been stopped by many people over the years who said that he manged to get the details of their affair right)

Truth be told as steamy as the sex is the really erotic moments are the ones either before the sex or the ones where sex isn't possible. There's a moment where the woman looks up at the ceiling with desire, yearning for her lover, he sees this and pushes his fingers through the holes in the boards. She then reaches for his fingers with an almost unearthly he opens up a small door in the floor and extends his arm... Who needs graphic sex?

Best of all its not sexy because its sex, its sexy because its two real characters who we know and understand. These are two characters who could be us so we're compelled to continue watching. Actually the strength of this movie is the interaction of the characters, they are real people with real problems and desires. The story is driven by them instead of driving them.

Excellent. 9 out of 10. Lets hope that some one is smart enough to get a really good edition of this out on DVD in English.

As for <>Scorpio Nights 2,the so called sequel of this movie.We haven't spotted its video yet but we'll keep you updated so better fill in that subscription box below and be the first one to know of its existence!


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