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 The third installment of this classic horror filipino movie flick commonly known as "Shake Rattle and Roll" can now be watched online.Someone in multiply uploaded this old pinoy movie! this is totally cool.Watch Shake Rattle and Roll III (2) online.Hit it!!

Cast: Kris Aquino, Lilia Cuntapay, Ogie Alcasid, Mae-Ann Adonis, Rosemarie Gil,
Director: Peque Gallaga
Writer: Jerry Lopez Sineneng
Tanya (Kris Aquino) is a mother that is aware that there is something wrong in her house. An old spirit has come into her home and is after her baby. Can she save her baby before it is taken away?

Cast: Janice de Belen, Gina Alajar, Subas Herrero, Armida Siguion-Reyna, Cris da Luz, Pen Medina, Inday Badiday, Joel Torre, Lucy Quinto
Director: Lore Reyes
Writer: Don Escudero
“Ate” reveals the story of two sisters who no longer has communication to each other. Unfortunately, Roselyn (Janice De Belen) just got word that her Ate Rowena (Gina Alajar) died in the province. Soon, Roselyn discovered that Rowena is not dead but a zombie-turned corpse. To make things worst, a cult brought her to life and has now took control of Rowena. Roselyn will do anything to let her “Ate” rest her in peace.

Cast: Manilyn Reynes, Ai Ai de las Alas, Joey Marquez, Ricardo Cepeda, Vangie Labalan, Candy Pangilinan, Jinky Laurel, Agnes Ventura, Roxanne Silverio, Giselle Sanchez, Richard Arellano, Rick Halal, Marlene Aguilar
Director: Peque Gallaga
Writer: Dwight Gaston
A sea creature called an Undin avenges the loss of her eggs by killing a whole group of people who disturbed them in the ocean. One by one, the group of friends are killed mercilessly by the mother Undin as she deposits acidic saliva on to their bodies. Maloy (Manilyn Reynes) is one of the girls who has to find a way to bring back the remaining eggs to their mother before she strikes back.

Note: Sorry the video was removed due to copyright issue.Sorry for the inconvenience.

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