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Please be reminded that the movie is divided into two parts.To watch Pasukob Movie (Part 2) Click Here.

Julia indeed lived a life of tragedy and misfortunes from birth and through her 3 marriages. All her husbands died upon birth of the first child. So Julia is forced to just focus on raising her children instead of pursuing personal happiness. Jenny on the other hand continues to enjoy her streak of luck at work, in her personal life, etc,

Their paths would cross but both are unaware of their connection to each other. Julia has a very loving ardent suitor, ARTHUR (ANTONIO AQUITANIA). Arthur is everything Julia can ask for in a husband. However she is afraid to marry because he might suffer the same fate as her previous husbands. Jenny also has a loving boyfriend, DINO (DJ DURANO). He adores her and wants to marry her. Both women accept their respective partner’s marriage proposal.

Through the preparation of Julia and Jenny’s wedding they would always bump into each other at the city hall, dress shop, church, etc. And one day they discover their mother’s old diary. It reveals all their family secrets and stories. But the most important revelation they found out was about the curse. Their Grandmother Maria’s curse was that the first breath of their child will be the last breath of the child’s father. And the only way to reverse this curse is for one of the siblings to sacrifice. Neither Julia nor Jenny is willing to sacrifice.

On the day of their wedding, the church bells play the tune for the dead or a funeral. Julia and Jenny go up the church tower to check why this is so. They both see the hunchback, Ima. And when the two sisters struggle as to who will make the ultimate sacrifice, the hunchback falls down the long stairway. Ima dies with her birth certificate at hand, stating that she is also a daughter of Juanita. Thus, unintentionally, she was able to do the extreme sacrifice without really trying. And the curse ends with her death.


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